How do you find a babysitter that you can trust?

“Just hire a babysitter”

If you’re a parent, you’ve almost certainly heard this from your friends in the lead up to any social occasion. Well that is easier said than done.

You can’t always rely on friends and family to look after your kids – sadly they have social lives too (very inconsiderate of them!). When your go-to sitters aren’t an option, finding someone who meets your standards and is available can be tough. The search alone can take up much of your valuable time.

When parents are in search of a babysitter, the top 5 qualities are:

  • Previous experience
  • Genuine interest in children
  • Cost
  • Availability
  • Own transport

And finally, the most sought after quality – someone who is trustworthy.

So the question remains, how do you find babysitters you can trust to look after your kids?

Fear not, CanYa is here to solve all of your babysitter needs!

The solution to your babysitter woes


CanYa is Australia’s best services app and finding trusted, verified and reviewed babysitters is easier than ever. It is a platform where local providers can establish their skill set and let their work speak for itself. The providers verify their ID and receive peer-peer reviews on every job. Parents can now peruse all available babysitters and select the person they want to mind their kids- all of the important information is available to them.

This is exactly what two families in Darwin have done already with Courtney Furlan. After CanYa launched in Darwin in December 2016, Courtney jumped onboard straight away. She has quickly picked up two jobs babysitting and has earned herself a couple of 5 star reviews!

Courtney Furlan: CanYa’s Provider of the Week!

Courtney has been babysitting for a while now and CanYa has provided her with the perfect platform to advertise her skills. At the end of each job, mutual feedback is required from both the booking member and the provider. This peer-peer reviewing is what builds a trusted community of providers.

Want to book Courtney as your babysitter?

Next time you find yourself needing a babysitter, you should follow the lead of other families in Darwin and book Courtney! Courtney loves doing arts and craft with the children that she babysits and will even bring her own supplies if you don’t have any!

Courtney is the oldest of 11 cousins, so her babysitting expertise have been developed from a young age. This is Courtney with two of her cousins.

The steps for booking a trusted, verified and reviewed babysitter like Courtney are:

  1. Download CanYa; Australia’s best way to hire local services
  2. Search “Courtney Furlan” or choose a provider from the “Babysitter” category
  3. Request a quote from your babysitter of choice
  4. Book, Pay, Communication and Review; all in-app!
  5. Enjoy your night of freedom!

So next time you need a babysitter, you know where to go.

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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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