Is charging your phone overnight killing your battery? We answer the top 3 smartphone myths.

Your smart device is key for everything in life. Whether it is for finding your next hot match on a dating app or using it to navigate around a new city.

With such an important (and expensive) item in your pocket, it’s important to know how to look after your phone. We are going to explore some of the advice floating around about smartphone care.


Closing your background apps will speed up your phone

From the outset, this seems pretty believable. Your phone can only handle so much, and having too many apps open at the same time has to slow down your phone, right? Wrong. Modern smartphones are designed to focus on ‘recently and most commonly used tasks’. This means your phone can function, without slowing, while apps/web pages wait harmlessly in the background. Of course, keeping multiple apps open will drain your battery, but closing them won’t speed up your phone.

silly-smartphone-magic.jpg    Source:

Screen protectors stop your phone getting scratched

The first few generations of smartphones were designed with thin, responsive glass that was highly susceptible to scratches, chips and cracks. But in the recent few years, all the major smart phone manufacturers have been improving on this aspect. Now it is commonplace for durable tough displays that are surviving more and more damage.

Charging your phone overnight reduces battery effectiveness

This was definitely the case with older phones however, we are in the age of technology and your phone is smarter than you think. Once your device has reached maximum charge, it stops charging.

Although we do need to be aware of how best to treat out beloved batteries. Your battery life will last longer if you keep your phone charged between 40% and 80%.

Myths busted.. but accidents can and do still happen!

What happens when your phone decides it wants to try out being a starfish at the bottom of your swimming pool?

Juggling kids, groceries and owning shorts with shallow pockets have all contributed to a few shattered screens here and there. Unfortunately regardless how scratch proof your phone is, it still isn’t crack or shatter proof.

Keep in mind, you’ll probably never be clumsier than this poor soul!

The solution

If you have experienced butterfingers recently, and are now in possession of a shattered phone, do not fear – CanYa is here. We can help you help yourself. Especially if you are in Darwin and you’ve had a “whoops” moment.

Albert at Territory QuickFix is a prime example.  He believes that repairing your iPhone or iPad shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. He repairs broken LCD screens to battery replacements.


So if your phone enjoys taking swimming lessons, jumping from heights and sliding out of pockets, download CanYa and hire Albert now!

CanYa makes hiring Albert simple:

  1. You search for him in the ‘mobile phone’ category (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. You ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. You chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!


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