Top 5 web-based apps to make your start-up a success

As a start-up company with staff sprinkled across Australia (and indeed the world!), web-based apps are essential for collaboration and operation. With so many software options out there it can be tricky choosing the right ones for your business.

We choose our software based on two simple measures:

  1. User-friendly – some of our favourite apps are organisation/scheduling tools. If the software doesn’t provide an intuitive user experience, lacks in responsiveness or has a poor layout, our staff are less likely to use them, making planning-based apps redundant.
  2. Cost – as a start-up, cost is something that guides our choice in software. We want more bang for our bucks.

Here are our top 5 game-changing software which has helped CanYa kick goals.


What is it? Trello is a ‘productivity platform’. Essentially, it is a tool for driving, delegating and organising workflow.

How does CanYa use it? We use Trello to manage and communicate about our social media tasks (competitions, blog posts, campaigns), plan marketing activities (strategy and operational), and map out app-enhancements.

Best feature? Trello also has a phone app which perfectly integrates with the web-based version. This means tasks can be allocated and updated on the go – two thumbs up!


Source: Kimberly Ann Jimenez


What is it? CoSchedule allows you to schedule your social media posts in bulk. It will automatically post for you based on the dates and times you’ve inserted!

How does CanYa use it? Although it has multiple other uses, we only use CoSchedule to schedule and plan our social media (Facebook, Instagram and the CanYa blog) posts. Having tried another popular scheduling services but we found CoSchedule to be more responsive. We also highly recommend CoSchedule as the app allows you to see a visual snapshot of what your post will look like when it’s live on Facebook – this allows you to tweak the formatting to ensure the most important information is ‘above the fold’.

Best feature? The ‘best time’ scheduling option. This feature figures out the best engagement time for your audience aka when your followers are most likely read, click or interact with you post (i.e. social media 101).

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.44.05 pm
CanYa’s CoSchedule calendar.


What is it? Meldium is a tool which allows you to securely share passwords and usernames for shared apps with ease. If you have multiple users for multiple apps – i.e. more than one person collaborating and posting your social media content, Medium allows you to store all the passwords and usernames in one place which can be accessed by your staff. It also helps generate strong passwords to protect you against phishing.

How does CanYa use it? We store our passwords for our social media accounts, adobe apps, YouTube etc.

Best feature? Meldium allows you download a browser extension which automatically signs you in when you access a page you have a shared password for i.e. WordPress or Facebook.


Google Drive

What is it? This is Google’s answer to Dropbox. This is a web-based, file storage and synchronisation tool. Google Drive allows users to store files in ‘the cloud’ and access from anywhere. There are also inbuilt tools, including Sheets and Slides (similar to Excel and PowerPoint).

How does CanYa use it? We use Google Drive to store all our business and operational information.

Best feature? Ability to access anywhere, anytime.


What is it? HelpScout is an email based customer service and shared email platform.

How does CanYa use it? We use HelpScout to communicate with our users/providers.

Best feature? The email template options. We use this to ensure we are communicating consistently with our users.

More information

Want to read about some other killer software options? Here are some more options worthy of an honourable mention.


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