Household Tips for Winter

Winter is coming?

Eddard Stark has been telling us this for years and we have refused to believe him. Unfortunately the time has come; WINTER IS HERE!

Winter is here

Technically he is right; winter is here

Electrical tips for winter

We have to accept that winter has come (sigh) and that we have some preparation to do to make sure it is as bearable as possible. These tips will keep you warm, comfortable and most importantly, safe this season.

The shining_Frozen
If we learnt anything from this guy, it is to get help early!

Reverse your ceiling fan direction

It might come as a surprise but your fan actually works in two directions! The default is set to summer mode which spins in a direction that allows the cold air to be pushed down. During winter you should flick the switch on the main body of the fan to change it to winter mode. Winter mode will circulate the warm air from the top and push it back down to establish a more comfortable room temperature (with the help of a separate heater).

Fan_Winter Explanation
Winter mode helps disperse the warm air trapped at the top of the room

Clean heater filters

This is obviously a safety one. Checking your filters is extremely important, especially your heater filters during winter! We have previously posted about the importance of cleaning filters in our blog; The Home Maintenance Schedule. It is actually a great opportunity to also service your air-conditioner whilst you aren’t using it.

Clean V Dirty Filters
Remember, you are breathing that stuff in too!

Check smoke alarms

The risk of a house fire increases during winter because of the extra use of heaters, powerboards, electric blankets and other household appliances. Make sure you have checked that you and your family are safe this winter by doing this quick and easy task! If you don’t know how to check the smoke alarm we have an informative how-to guide here.

Checking smoke alarms
Only takes a few seconds, stop and do it now.

Adjust your fridge

Did you know that your fridge has different settings for summer and for winter. When you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. If it is hot outside, your fridge has to work a lot harder to keep it cold. Conversely, you need to tell you fridge that it is going to be cold outside so you don’t start freezing your food in the fridge.

Fridge_Summer V Winter
Check in your fridge for directions like these

Buy heaters with an auto-shut off feature

Chances are you threw out your old heater in the ecstasy of summer because you could never imagine needing a heater again! Well the time has come again; you need to buy a heater. It is a requirement now that heaters are equipped with an auto-shut off feature which turns in off if it detects it getting too hot. This is mandatory for current heating suppliers but if you are buying an old heater off GumTree, make sure you check it has the ability to save itself from overheating and igniting!

Electric Heater on Fire
Check your heater has an auto-shut off feature if it becomes too hot!

Overwhelmed? Ask for help!

Some of these tips might make you feel a little overwhelmed or uncertain of how to complete the tasks. The last thing we want is for you to end up like this hapless fool:

Electrical Shock
No one wants to be this guy

Thankfully there is a really easy option for you to get all the help you need this winter. CanYa is Australia’s easiest way to hire qualified and trusted electricians and the free app is FULL of electricians that are ready to help!

POTW_Gaff Electrics
Alan from Gaff Electrics; CanYa’s Provider of the Week

Alan is a trusted electrician in the Melbourne region that has been recognised by CanYa as our Provider of the Week! He is fully licensed and has years of experience on the job as an electrician. The next time you need help from an electrician, make sure you look to CanYa so that you can hire local! To make it easy, you can check out Alan via his Facebook Page or even better, you can check him out for free on Australia’s best way to hire local service providers: CanYa.

The local service providers you find on CanYa (like Alan) are very trustworthy, unlike this bloke:

Electrical Shock Prank
Leave it to the trustworthy professionals!

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