CanYa Web-App – the platform you have been waiting for

In our recent blog post we chatted about some cool features the team is implementing for the mobile app and briefly mentioned our web-app. Now is the time to tell you a bit more about it!
Our web-app is going to be AWESOME! When we sat down to figure out how to do it, we decided on three principles:
1. It must be beautiful ☑
2. It must be super easy to use ☑
3. It must highlight our providers in the best possible way ☑
We took a look at all the cool features in our mobile app and brought them over to the web-app. Little things like having “z-direction” and content panes are all subtle cues to make the interface feel familiar and app-like.
It took us about 3 months to finally finish the initial design of the web-app and get it drafted. Safe to say we are very impressed! We are introducing some novel design features we think you are going to love!

Colour Palette & Design Elements

We have kept to our signature ocean colours and also introduced soft blue colours to backdrop content and green highlights to emphasise important information. We are using our orange colour to accentuate important buttons and text.
The result is a refreshingly cool design interface that conveys trust and stability.
Our colour scheme isn’t an accident, it has been designed to look beautiful!
We used dropshadows with heavy blurring widely across the interface to add a “z-direction” (depth) to reinforce a very “touchable” interface.
Check out one of our breadcrumbs:
Doesn’t it make you want to just click it?!
We also used rounded rectangles everywhere to help keep the design smooth and fresh.
Check out our chat pane:
Clean and crisp chat pane
It looks exactly like a mobile app screen – familiar and easy to use!

Home Page – Categories

This page quickly and intuitively shows you all the local services around you. No ads, no distracting banners. Just the content you need! We think you will love our “pop” feature when you hover over the panes!
The brand new CanYa Web-App, it is so easy to use!

Provider View 

Viewing local, verified Providers has never been easier
Here you can see all the relevant content about the provider, with a lot of negative space and light colours. We add the important features on the side – like chat and calendar!
And the most important button ‘make a job enquiry” is right in the centre!


CanYa is all about having the best experience in hiring local services, so we spent a lot of time designing the best possible booking tab.
Check it out!
Find, Book, Pay & Review with ease
You can see here that we have kept all the information on a central screen, with a chat pane on the right. We also borrowed UI elements from the mobile app, such as the status indicator – showing you exactly what is happening with the job at all times!
We think you are going to love using the web-app and we are excited to announce that it will be live by early July! We will keep you updated. If you would like to help the CanYa team test it, just send us a message and we’ll invite you to the beta test!

Updates to Pricing Policy

We’re also excited to announce that CanYa is completely free for users! We’re trying to create the best possible experience for our users and this was an easy decision for us. For more info on our generous pricing policy, check out our Help Centre.

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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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