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I nearly blew up my car engine!

Phew – nearly blew up my car engine

It was a hot and humid afternoon in January 2017 when I came home and my neighbour approached me from across the road. He proceed to tell me that he had been trying to call me because he had noticed a huge oil stain on my driveway. Dismayed and little stressed I looked over to where he was pointing to see the oil slick. My heart immediately started beating faster.

Oh no!

Tools, oily rag on the ground and a puddle of car engine oil are sure signs that it is time to get a CanYa mechanic
Tools, oil & a dirty rag… sure signs it is time to get a mechanic

Ticking time-bomb

My wife was driving the Prado that day, as she does most days, and she has been known to be very, very casual about car maintenance. I can recall two times in the last two months when she has run the battery flat.

This usually occurs during the wet season in Darwin when the lights are typically left on during the day when it’s raining so heavily that you need them on for safety. Unfortunately for me, I usually get the job of rescuing my wife on these occasions. In this instance however, the consequence of driving the car without any oil could be a very dangerous and/or expensive outcome!

Flat batteries require help with little of no notice, turn to CanYa Providers for swift attention
Twice… really?!

Immediately I tried to call my wife and she didn’t answer which was unusual. She is the kind of woman who does a lot of calling and texting on her phone for work. So I’m always surprised when I try to call her and she doesn’t answer.

I start doing the calculations – $10,000 – that’s probably what a new engine is going to cost me.

Please answer your phone 🙏🏽

After several unanswered phone calls I finally got through to my wife; she was driving and I told her to pull over. I quickly explained the consequence of continued driving and she told me she would pull over to wait for me.

After several minutes of her not returning my phone calls again I started to get worried. She was still driving! Apparently she did not understand the possible consequence that I had tried to explain in my previous conversation. I explained it again and insisted that she pulled over. Again she agreed to do what I asked of her and I asked her to call me once she had pulled over.

Finally she pulled over and I instructed her to check the oil level over the phone. Didn’t seem to be bone dry – lucky! She was only a couple of minutes from our house so I instructed her to drive straight home.

Checking your engine oil is important, especially if you don't want to have to replace it!
Check your oil frequently to avoid having to replace your entire engine!

So what now?

Once at home I investigated thoroughly what the cause of the issue was. With the assistance of one of my wife’s brothers (who happens to be very mechanically minded) I was able to diagnose the problem as a rear differential oil leak. Not as bad as an engine oil leak, but the car was going to be useless to me until fixed. And for the best outcome, should not be driven anywhere I decided! Tow service. Ouch – nope I knew there was a better option thanks to CanYa.

So what did I do? I got straight onto CanYa and contacted a mobile mechanic.

CanYa on iPhone iOS gives you the option to get immediate help front trusted providers
Get help today with CanYa

The gentleman I contacted did the majority of his mechanical work for the backpacker rented vans around Darwin – so I knew he was going to be good. I seem to see those vans breaking down everywhere.

He came over on Saturday and fixed the car for $140 which included parts and consumables. I was genuinely impressed with how quickly the job was done and the guy was great – 5 star rating from me.

5 star reviews is how you know you are getting the best providers in your area

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