The South Australian Power outage is well know, what is not well known is CanYa's ability to protect you

Don’t be left in the dark ever again!

South Australia’s 2016 Power Outage

For those that aren’t aware or don’t remember, in 2016 there was a statewide power outage in South Australia! It was well documented while it was happening and the preliminary findings were explained in detail. Here are the high points:

  • Big ass 50-year storm knocks out 22 power poles
  • Power transient knocks trips “safety switch” between VIC and SA
  • Renewable power couldn’t help as they were shut down due to unsafe wind speeds
  • 1.67M residents without power
South Australia left in the dark after a statewide power outage. If only a CanYa provider had installed a backup generator
South Australia left in the dark (Source: Twitter / Weather WA)

The government’s longterm plans?

The SA government has been left with egg on it’s face after an embarrassing statewide electrical blackout; so what is there to do? You take up a billionaire’s offer to fix it for you in 100 days or it is free!

Elon Musk takes to twitter to get the SA government's attention.
If anybody can fix SA’s power problems, it is Elon!

It has been confirmed that Elon Musk (well Tesla, actually) will be fixing SA’s power issues in 100 days or less! This will include the world’s biggest battery to capture all of the renewable energy that the state is producing. The “100 days or less” hasn’t started yet and will only start after the contract is signed off by the government.

How do you protect your family from a black-out in the meantime?

Your short-term plans?

It has been shown that a full power outage is inevitable. The only way that you can ensure that your family is protected is to take matters into your own hands! So what is the best solution? You should start by looking at a home generator backup system.

Portable home generator that can be installed by a CanYa Electrician
A portable home generator like this will save you!

These versatile generator systems are perfect to have in your garage! You can use them on camping trips, take them to family BBQs at the park and best of all, use them when the state’s power grid is down!

You can either have the system directly supply power to selected appliances or get a local electrician to install a power supply bypass switch so you can power your entire house from your generator.

Portable generator supply system at home. CanYa provides local electricians to do this for your family
You will have the ability to draw power from the grid OR your generator

Wouldn’t it be expensive to install?

Soames Electrical to the rescue

Hiring a local electrician is a daunting task! You don’t want to be ripped off but at the same time you want an electrician that you can trust. Soames Elec are CanYa’s Provider of the Week because of their rapid response to South Australia’s electrical crisis.

Soames Elec is CanYa's Provider of the Week. Trusted local electricians are hard to find in South Australia, CanYa makes it easy.

One look at Soames Elec’s Facebook Page will show you their commitment to cheap, reliable and safe installation of home generator backup systems:

CanYa is Australia's best way to hire local electricians.
Source: Facebook / Soames Elec.

Protect your family today by getting Soames Elec to install a backup power supply at your house! You can get free quotes and manage the entire process from the one app by downloading Australia’s easiest way to book electricians for free!

Other options?

Another more permanent option is to follow the government’s advice and turn to Tesla! Whilst you will not be buying the world’s largest battery, you will be buying a Tesla Power Wall.

The Tesla Powerwall is another option to protect your home from a black-out

If you want to read a local success story where a Tesla Powerwall saved a South Australian family during the statewide black-out, have a look at this article.

The Tesla Powerwall saved a South Australian family during the 2016 statewide black-out
Green is good, red is bad.

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