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CanYaCoin – An ICO with a mature product, not a hopeful idea

Introducing CanYaCoin, an established P2P marketplace of service.

Hello world!

Today the CanYa team is excited to introduce our P2P marketplace of skilled services to the cryptocurrency community, and to share our vision of a decentralised marketplace where services can instantly be exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat. 

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.Unlike most projects in the ICO space, CanYa already has a revenue generating product. The CanYa app is available on the app store (currently only in Australia), google play store and online, and has processed over a thousand P2P jobs since it’s soft launch earlier this year. CanYa is now moving towards the next stage in it’s launch, an Initial Coin Offering to power international growth and to move from a centralised Australian dollar based solution to a decentralised multi-currency solution.

Providing a decentralised P2P marketplace for the sharing economy

The CanYa team is convinced that decentralisation (and the technology behind Ethereum specifically) is going to revolutionise the current economy. For this reason we’re launching the CanYaCoin (CAN) token and moving our platform to an autonomous set of smart contracts that will replace the current centralised system.

A decentralised and globally accepted cryptocurrency – like CAN – will allow money and skills to cross-borders and fully harness the $2tn global ‘gig economy‘. The fragmented booking process and exploitive marketplaces around the world will be disrupted by CanYaCoin.

The old job booking process is broken and expensive. The new CanYa experience is easy, clean and intuitive.

The transition of moving CanYa’s payments and operations onto the Ethereum Blockchain will allow for increased transparency, quicker settlement times and will create a truly trustless environment.

Not only will the CanYa community benefit from Ethereum; the Ethereum and cryptocurrency community will also benefit from CanYa. CanYa will act as the ultimate link between crypto and the real world allowing users to pay for local and international services with CAN instantly.

Our ICO is Live right NOW! Join our Community and get involved! CanYa Contribute!?

CanYa is a stable platform that will soon encorporate CanYaCoin so you can pay your cleaner with crypto!

The beginning of CanYa’s crypto story

Imagine a plumber in Venezuela being instantly paid in a stable currency that can be spent anywhere in the world without the fear of suffering from crippling over-inflation. Imagine a Russian technology company finding the best app developers in India and paying them with no international currency fees or excessive conversion charges. CanYaCoin will make the services marketplace truly global but it all starts with an ICO.

CanYa will be having it’s pre-sale during the month of October. The pre-sale is restricted with a hard cap of 3780 ETH. This small initial offering will be offered at a discount and will allow us to ramp up operations to an international audience. The pre-sale will also give the CanYa team an opportunity to expand before going into the primary ICO which will be approximately one month after the pre-sale.

We are looking to build our community from both sides of the table – from those who are interested in using CanYa in the growing sharing economy and those who are interested in turning their cryptocurrency profits into real world services.

CanYa is the best place to book home services, CanYaCoin makes it even easier

The CanYa Community

CanYa already has a strong community of early adopters behind it from beta-testing and real world operation. If you would like to find out more about CanYaCoin then the first stop must be is the best place to have an in-depth look at our Whitepaper, our team and our product! 

Come and get involved with the CanYa community, we’d love to hear your ideas and comments; plus shortly these ideas and comments will be rewarded through our community bounty program.

Stay up to date with CanYa announcements!

CanYa's subreddit about CanYaCoin CAN

33 comments on “CanYaCoin – An ICO with a mature product, not a hopeful idea

  1. Looks great! When are the first offerings?!


    • G’day mdddvalheru!
      The pre-sale will be in October and the main ICO in November. Head over to to get the latest info.
      Our Slack channel has the very latest announcements too 🙂
      The CanYa Team


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  13. jehsakree arwae

    w0wok go ICO


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