CanYa & Indorse – Official Partnership


Indorse is a decentralised professional social network that leverages ethereum technology to allow users to retain, control and monetise their own data if they want. More importantly Indorse are building an anonymous indorsement protocol that allows users to make claims about their skills, and be ‘indorsed‘ or verified by other platform members.

CanYa announces the official partnership with Indorse

‘Indorsement’ results in platform users establishing skills on their profile that has been unquestionably verified as correct through crowd-based consensus. CanYa plans to integrate this key feature to allow CanYa providers show off their crowd-verified skills, which removes the need for CanYa to centrally curate and vet these skills.

CanYa is continually evolving and utilising the latest technology, like the iPhone X

Quick History

Indorse have just completed their ICO, raising $9m (USD) in early September 2017. The team have an extensive background in cryptocurrencies, and are lead by David Moskowitz. David is CEO of Attores, an educational institute that issues certificates and diplomas on the blockchain, and has previously built and sold a bitcoin exchange.

CanYa is partnering with Indorse and David Moskowitz is the CEO and Co-Founder

Unique Features

Indorse users can request endorsements of platform influencers for a fee (paid to them), or elect to have random users be selected to verify their skills. Random users are given a set time period to complete the verification, and they can respond in any manner. Malicious users are penalised if they act in clear polarisation to the consensus.

CanYa is partnering with Indorse to leverage the power of the blockchain

CanYa Integration

CanYa currently hosts many service providers who already elect to add their skillslicences and qualifications. Currently, the CanYa team manually and individually vets each licence submission. With Indorse, these skills and licenses can be pushed out to the Indorse community to verify, which will accelerate the Decentralisation Roadmap.

CanYa is the world's first P2P services marketplace that is available on Apple iOS Macbook and other computers

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