CanYaCoin is offering a Dolphin tier that is exclusive to our engaged community

The CanYa Dolphin Tier

CanYaCoin ICO & Our Community

CanYa is one of the few ICO’s with a working platform and an active community of users. The team is here for the long-term and so are a lot of our active community members. To reward these members we have created a completely new concept and called it the CanYa ‘Dolphin Tier’.

Basically, we want to reward the community who believe in the project and have helped us spread the word about CanYa.

CanYa is going to reward the members of our community that help build and sustain the community

Our community members are from all across the world; Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Russia, and of course, Australia. Everyone is in this together to make the CanYa ICO successful and beneficial to everyone.

CanYa Dolphin Tier influencers reaching the global CanYa Community

So we thought – let’s reward our passionate and high-performing community members! In this way our awesome community members get to enjoy the success of the project with us.

CanYa Dolphin Tier

And the name? It’s long been known that a Bitcoin Whale holds over 10 000 BTC, a Shark has over 1000 BTC and a Dolphin has between 100 and 1000 BTC – so a CanYa Dolphin would then hold between 100 and 1000 CAN tokens – a good certainty at the Dolphin Tier 40% bonus rate!

BTC Whale definitions; Whales 10000TBC, Sharks 1000BTC and Dolphins 100-1000CAN

Benefit of the CanYa Dolphin Tier:

The CanYa Dolphin Tier is an exclusive group that is invite only. The CanYa Team will individually review all submissions to ensure the integrity of the group is maintained. Only the most actively engaged, passionate and loyal supporters of CanYa will be invited to the Dolphin Tier.

Acceptance to the CanYa Dolphin Tier will mean getting a 40% bonus for the CAN ICO. With this bonus, members of the Dolphin Tier will be able to participate in the ICO with a ratio of 1ETH:700CAN. To compare the Dolphin Tier against the other 2 Stages of the Public Sale, please refer to the CanYa Whitepaper.

CanYaCoin will be powering the CanYa platform and the Dolphin Tier gives you a great bonus in the ICO

CanYa Ledger Nano S Raffle:

In addition to the impressive bonus that is offered, all approved Dolphins will go in the draw to win:

  • 1 of 50 exclusive CanYa Ledger Nano S hardware wallets

Also, the top 50 Dolphin contributors will earn first 50 Founder Edition minted CanYaCoins, in order of contributions. The top Dolphin contributor will win CanYa Coin numbered 001.

CanYa Dolphin Tier prizes include the CanYa Branded Ledger Nano S and the Limited Edition minted CanYaCoin

The CanYa Dolphins will be instrumental to the success of the CanYa project and we are very proud to reward them to this level! These prizes are limited edition and only our earliest supporters will ever have claim to them.

In addition to the above the best Dolphin Tier submissions each week (as judged by the CanYa team) will also receive a CanYa Ledger and limited edition CanYa Coin. So make sure your submission is creative, memorable and/or receives lots of exposure!

How to participate:

Simply show your love of CanYa on Facebook, in your tweets, your reddit posts, your youtube shout-outs, your BitcoinTalk signatures, helping out in the CanYa Telegram channel or anything else you can think of; then show us what you’ve done! We are rewarding the active members of our community so get involved and show us your hard work paying off.

Apply for the Dolphin Tier here*:
Get Me Involved With The CanYa Dolphin Tier!

*If you are contributing more than 10 ETH you will need to pass KYC verification first (it is part of the application process). Full KYC policy can be found in our KYC Blog Update.

CanYaCoin is being as prudent as possible and conducting a KYC in anticipation for our upcoming fiat on/off rails

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services

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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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