CanYa + qiibee = Loyalty!

CanYa is pleased to announce an official partnership with qiibee; a decentralised loyalty ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain.


So what is qiibee?

qiibee is a crypto technology company designing a decentralised loyalty platform aimed to remove the fragmentation currently experienced by all loyalty program users. With the development of its loyalty interface, all loyalty programs contained inside the platform can be tokenised, allowing any user to exchange points from one program with another.

To find out more about the fundamentals of qiibee, check out the qiibee whitepaper.

qiiebbe network partnering with CanYa for an integrated rewards platform

CanYa & qiibee Integration

CanYa will integrate a qiibee layer into the platform to not only give our users the ability to earn loyalty tokens but to also have the freedom to swap them freely between any other loyalty program integrated into qiibee.

There are well documented issues in the loyalty program space such as data centralisation, high fragmentation rates and massive operational inefficiencies. qiibee’s platform solves these problems through decentralised data stored on the Ethereum network; allowing customers to easily exchange the points earned in Program A for points to spend in Program B.

For more information about qiibee or our partnership, ask the qiibee team on their Telegram Channel.


History of qiibee

Led by Gabriele Giancola who previously founded, qiibee was launched in 2015. With initial attempts to consolidate various merchants into its own offchain loyalty application, qiibee progressively built to an impressive MVP and conducted extensive testing, leading to the growth of its current prototype with more than 75 000 users and 900 brands.


Benefits to CanYa users

With a decentralised loyalty application layer, qiibee will aid in the adoption of cryptocurrency use to millions of mainstream users whilst maintaining data security through the use of blockchain technology.  Giving freedom of choice for customers through interchangeable tokens, reducing the costs for customer retention, enabling an increase in redemption rates and above all giving users the flexibility to exchange QBX for other publicly valuable commodities such as ETH or fiat.


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