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Introducing the CanYa HODL Club

The CanYa ICO is breaking from the current status quo. Our team is sick of seeing ICO after ICO over-promising and under-delivering. We are also sick of seeing ICO tokens get dumped on exchanges at the earliest time possible so people can make a quick buck. CanYa is here for the long-termand we want our ICO contributors to be with us all the way.


To incentivise this, CanYa is creating the CanYa HODL Club**. This club will encourage ICO contributors to HODL their tokens! By doing this we will be able to protect those that believed in CanYa from the beginning and share our long term vision for what CanYa can be. This has never been done before and we are very excited to introduce it to both our community and the cryptocommunity at large.

**~We are not misspelling ‘HOLD’; for a brief explanation of ‘HODL‘ refer to this infamous bitcointalk post.

How do I join the CanYa HODL club?

Every member that purchases more than 5000 CAN tokens at the ICO from their whitelisted address will automatically become part of the HODL club. If you did not participate in the ICO you will need to purchase 10,000 CAN tokens and then apply to have your address whitelisted.

Contribute to the CanYa Live ICO here:


Soooooo… what is the catch?

If you ever move *any* of your tokens from your registered whitelist address you exit the CanYa HODL Club. This will be an automated process.

Simple as that.

What is the benefits of being in the HODL Club?

Joining the CanYa HODL club is mutually beneficial for a number of reasons:

Short term:

Every month, for the first three months after the closure of the ICO, HODL club members will be airdropped tokens proportionally to their token balance. The first month is 1 million CAN tokens, the proceeding two months will be tokens from our awesome partners – to be announced in due course.

Longer term:

Once a year, the rewards pool will airdrop an amount of CAN tokens to those in the HODL club which will again be based on their token balance. This means the longer you are a member of the club the higher your proportion of air-dropped tokens will be if people leave and don’t re-enter the club. We will also regularly share information on our roadmap execution to our HODL Club and give them breaking news – first.

We also plan to regularly give away CanYa merchandise, such as CanYa hardware wallets, minted CanYaCoins and more, only to members of the HODL Club.

long term graph

CanYa Blockchain Conference:

All HODL club members will receive complimentary tickets to the annual CanYa blockchain conference (and party) to be held at a destination as voted by the HODL club members. If a conference can’t be conducted, we will purchase tickets to an alternative conference as voted by our HODLers.


Anything else?

Nope, that’s it, nice and simple.

We are very excited to introduce the CanYa HODL club to the cryptocommunity as we believe it will change the way ICOs are run in the future. Conditions like this will ensure that early contributors are protected and rewarded for their faith in projects from the beginning and maintain the integrity of the ICO process.

So how do you get involved in the CanYaCoin ICO?

Getting involved is very simple!

  1. Head to to subscribe to our whitelist.
  2. You will receive instructions on how to participate in the CanYaCoin ICO on the 26 November 2017.
  3. Purchase at least 5000 CAN, and keep them in your whitelisted Ether address.
  4. Show your support by HODL’ing your CanYaCoin while we execute our roadmap.

CanYa is continually evolving and utilising the latest technology, like the iPhone X

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services


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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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