CanYa & Gladius – Official Partnership

CanYa partners with Gladius to offer decentralised DDoS protection

About Gladius

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks, cost the worldwide economy an estimated $150bn this year alone. It is estimated that 50% of all websites will face an attack with an average length up to 6 hours long. As a platform for digital service providers, CanYa must ensure that we are protected against such attacks. This is where Gladius steps in.

Gladius is partnering with CanYa to provide DDoS protection and much more
Some of the benefits of utilising Gladius

Gladius provides a cheap, easy to use and tailored decentralised solution to combat DDoS attacks. They also accelerate the way in which content is delivered on your website, allow you to rent your spare bandwidth to the network and provide a number of other value adding services to those that run their own web platforms. Their ICO pre-sale is currently in progress and the reception has been fantastic with over 15,000 ETH raised at the time of writing.

The CanYa and Gladius partnership:

CanYa will be pushing hard to acquire digital service professionals throughout 2018. These ‘digital nomads‘ are generally self-employed web professionals who are the ideal target audience of the Gladius platform. By making DDoS protection affordable and customised, we will be offering and encouraging all of our service providers to utilise the Gladius solution. The partnership will revolve around three key avenues.


Digital nomads can now access affordable DDoS protection

1. Gladius services for CanYa

CanYa the platform cannot have any down time. We are providing the go-to solution for digital service providers to be found, booked, paid and reviewed; therefore, we need to be well defended against DDoS attacks. When Gladius complete their next development milestone (pegged for March 2018), CanYa will be using the Gladius Network for all of our online needs.


2. CanYa secondary service provider

We also want our service providers to be protected. Businesses big or small cannot afford to have their website taken down for hours or days due to malicious third party attacks. Any business or individual on the CanYa platform will be able to purchase Gladius services tailored exactly for their needs.


For example, if there is a freelance that runs their own website, they would be able to get DDoS mitigation, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Web application firewall (or WAF) services from Gladius going through CanYa.

3. Gladius (GLA) token drop for CanYa HODL club members!

Finally, Gladius have generously offered to air-drop an amount of their GLA tokens (amount and date TBD) to our CanYa HODLers! This further cements the relationship and shows the commitment the Gladius team have to our CanYa users.


We are very excited for the future of this partnership; CanYa (and our users) will significantly benefit from the fantastic solutions offered by the Gladius platform. CanYa can now focus on what we do best, providing the best place to book local and digital services!

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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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