Coinomi & CanYa – CAN ICO made easy

Supporting the CanYaCoin ICO

In order to provide the best experience for the CanYa community, the CAN ICO needs to be supported a wide range of platforms. The CanYa Team continually evaluates numerous wallets to assess which of them would provide the most value to CanYa and the CanYa Community.

By partnering with reputable and well-known platforms, CanYa will ensure that the community has a great user experience in the CAN ICO as well as convenient options for storing your CAN tokens.


CanYa and Coinomi

CanYa is pleased to announce we are in partnership with Coinomi to provide you access to your CanYaCoins (CAN) directly through the Coinomi application (Coinomi only available on Android devices on at the moment). Coinomi has a lot to offer!

1) Convert your cryptocurrency into Ethereum

Coinomi has Shapeshift and Changelly directly integrated into the app! This provides a very convenient ability to exchange your coins and tokens safely within the wallet (no need to waste fees sending it too and from an exchange).


2) Send Ethereum to CanYa ICO within application

Coinomi makes contributing to the CanYaCoin ICO even easier! Simply open the app and you will find a CanYaCoin ICO banner on the Coinomi app; from here you can directly contribute into the CAN ICO (without needing to leave the Coinomi app!)


CanYa is a dynamic project and keeping the entire CanYa Community informed is difficult. To stay up to date with all announcements and updates, email with your Coinomi ETH wallet address and we will ensure you’re kept informed.

Reminder: CanYa has strict KYC requirements for contributions greater than 10 ETH. Please head to (if you have participated with more than 10ETH) to get verified; we will not dispatch your CAN if you do not KYC before 01 JAN 18.

3) Access your CAN tokens directly in Coinomi

The CAN ICO is active until sold out or 30 days after it became available to the public (27 December 2017 at 0000GMT). Once concluded, all contributions will be audited (for compliance) and then all CAN tokens will be distributed. Many platforms will require extra steps (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask etc) but with Coinomi, they will be visible will no extra effort!


CanYa Advisory Role – CEO of Coinomi

The partnership between CanYa and Coinomi has many tangible benefits. In addition to those listed above, we are also pleased to welcome George Kimionis (CEO of Coinomi) into our Advisory Board. George brings on his wealth of experience in cryptocurrency, wallet integration and business acumen to our the CanYa Ecosystem.

Keen on CanYaCoin and the CAN ICO?

Head to and participate now!


For all the latest news and updates on CanYa:

CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services

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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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