CanYaCoin Token Distribution

The CAN ICO has concluded

The CanYaCoin Initial Coin Offering (CAN ICO) has officially closed as of 0000GMT on 27th of December 2017. The wildly successful ICO raised ~11013ETH or approximately $12 million AUD (more to be included when we finish reconciling all of the BTC, LTC, DASH and BCH contributions). This makes the CAN ICO the 2nd most successful ICO that Australia has ever hosted!



CanYa has some very ambitious plans that include fiat to cryptocurrency (and vice versa) on/off ramps. With these aspirations, we will need to work hand-in-hand with regulators and financial institutions alike. This level of involvement requires strict compliance from the very beginning.

The CAN ICO has made concerted efforts to comply with all current regulations and anticipate future requirements; this is why we updated our KYC policy and excluded participation from US Citizens (who were not Accredited Investors). To ensure that CanYa is 100% compliant, from the very beginning, we will need to audit all contributions to the CAN ICO.

CanYa will be compliant with regulators and regulations from the government and financial institutions

Token Distribution

The CanYa Team will audit all contributions and distribute the CAN tokens over the next 2 weeks. The order in which the contributions will be processed is as per the following order.

1. Dolphin Tier

All members that were successfully included in the CanYa Dolphin Tier will be the first to receive their CAN tokens. These members have all completed KYC verification and were first to have access to the CanYaCoin ICO public sale.

2. Main Sale members (0 – 10 ETH)

The members that participated in Tier 1 of the public main sale with less than 10ETH (or equivalent) were not required to pass KYC verification. These contributions will not require as much scrutiny and will be able to be processed swiftly.

3. Main Sale members (greater than 10ETH) that are KYC verified

All contributors that participated with greater than 10ETH (or equivalent) are required to conduct KYC verification before they can receive their CAN tokens. This process is conducted at and needs to be done by 01 January 2018.

Failure to complete KYC verification will result in your ETH being returned (minus gas fees) and ZERO CAN tokens being received.

4. Bounty Hunters

We had a very engaged and active Bounty Program that resulted in over 300 bounty participants. These bounties will be paid out to all members that have been accepted as approved CanYa Bounty Program participants. Most successful participants have been informed, if you have not received confirmation then please contact @will_canya on Telegram.

5. Referrals!

We had a very active referral program! As you can see on the Leaderboard, our top referrer got almost 100 referrals! We need to reconcile all referrals and correctly allocate the 5% Bonus for both sides.

6. Other CAN ICO participants

All other participants of the CAN ICO will receive their CAN tokens in this section. If you do not fit in the other categories than you will receive your CAN tokens as part of this group.

7. Founders & Advisors

The CanYa Team, Advisors and other vested members will receive their CAN tokens last. These tokens are locked so there is no huge time imperative for this, they will be dispatched as required.

CanYa Dolphin Tier influencers reaching the global CanYa Community


Reasons why your CAN tokens may be delayed

All CAN tokens will be audited and dispatched in the order detailed above. If your allocation of CAN tokens is not received it will be because of one of the following issues.

1. You haven’t passed KYC verification

If you participated with greater than 10ETH, you must complete KYC verification before you can receive your CAN tokens. Verification is completed at and you will receive an email explaining that you have been successful.

If you have not received an email and you think you have completed KYC verification, please contact and explain the situation.

2. You have contributed from an exchange

Contributing to the CAN ICO (or any ICO) from an exchange wallet is a big mistake. The exchange wallet that holds your ETH is controlled by the exchange (you don’t have the private key and you therefore don’t own the ETH stored in it).

If you participated in the CAN ICO with an exchange wallet, we will send your CAN tokens to this ETH address. Once it is sent, you will likely never see your tokens again (it will be entirely at the discretion of the exchange as to whether you get them back and proving they are your tokens is VERY hard).

Examples of exchange wallets include ACX, Bittrex, Binance, CoinBase, CoinSpot, KorBit, Liqui etc. If you have accidentally participated in the CAN ICO from an exchange wallet then you will need to email (immediately) and explain the situation. Please include all relevant details like the exchange ETH address you used to contribute, the email address that you used to sign up at and the ETH wallet address that you would like to receive your CAN tokens to.

Unsold tokens

As per the update that was released in CAN ICO – Important Update #2, all unsold tokens from the CAN ICO public sale will be sent to the Asset Contract. From here 10% will go to the Charity Pool (Giveth is currently the only recipient), 30% will go to the CanYa Community (via the Rewards Pool) and 30% will be burnt forever!

CanYa asset contract

We will conduct this final step of the CAN ICO token distribution, only after all tokens are dispatched and a grace period has passed for people to redress their grievances. This is significant event that is irreversible, so we need to be 100% sure that everybody is happy and sorted prior to actioning the transfer.

CanYa HODL Club

With the CAN ICO finally over, we are proud to announce that we currently have 400 approved CanYa HODLers. This exclusive club is designed to reward our community that shows faith in us by HODLing all of their CAN tokens. We will be providing all members of the HODL Club an opportunity to move their all of their CAN tokens to a more secure and long-term storage solution (like a CanYa Ledger Nano S for example).

CanYa HODL Club for the CAN ICO of over 5000CAN

More information on this will be sent to the HODL Club members shortly after all the tokens have been dispatched.

What’s Next?


CanYaCoin will be listed on selected exchanges from early January 2018. Our ambition is to have the CAN token listed on as many exchanges as possible, so the CanYa Ecosystem can continue to expand. We will keep an up-to-date list of all exchanges on the CanYa Website.


The acquisition of Bountysource, the world’s largest P2P open-source software platform, has increased the CanYa ecosystem by 46 000 active users. CanYa will be refreshing the UI of the Bountysource platform, introducing the CanYaCoin (and other cryptocurrency payment gateways) and introducing the cryptocommunity to this platform (smart contract bounties etc).


The 2017 has been a big year for CanYa and 2018 is already gearing up to be an even bigger year! Our Roadmap is listed on the CanYa Website and the team will tirelessly work toward achieving these ambitious milestones. Follow us on all our social channels (links below) to get the latest announcements.

The CanYa Platform on iPhone X with the Giveth partnership displayed

Thank you!

Last but not least, thank-you to our amazingly supportive and engaged community. The CanYa Team is dedicated to the CanYa Dream (as detailed in the whitepaper) and we will tirelessly work towards making this happen. We know that it would not be happening without your support and we look forward to working towards the roadmap that we have detailed.


Stay tuned on our social channels (listed below) for all the latest updates and announcements from the CanYa Team. Thanks again for your trust and involvement, we will do everything we can to make CanYaCoin and the CanYa platform a big success!

For all the latest news and updates on CanYa:

CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services



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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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