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CanYa HODL Club – Update #2










We are making another Tier of the HODL club!

The aim of the CanYa HODL club is to get as many long term believers of the CanYaCoin Token together in an exclusive group while also rewarding them for their loyalty with air-dropped tokens from CanYa and our partners.

We want as many people as possible in this strong community so we are adding a new tier to the HODL club.


There will now be two tiers:



These are our awesome original members from the ICO. They will still be air dropped the 2 million CAN tokens 

as promised. This will happen over the course of the next 6 months at random intervals. Their terms from the ICO will not be changed. As per the original HODL concept anyone that purchases more than 10,000 CAN post ICO can enter the OG club. They will still have to wait the 45 days required post ICO to be an approved member. You can enter via the HODL website ( if you have the required 10,000 CAN.

HODLers (new tier)


This is a brand new tier for people that want to join the HODL club but didn’t get a chance to during the ICO. These new HODLers have been allocated a brand new lot of 500,000 CAN tokens to be disseminated at random over the next 6 months. To enter this new tier you will need 2500 CAN tokens. Once you have 2500 CAN tokens you can apply via the website ( You will then need to wait 45 days to prove you are a true HODLer before you are entered into the club.

The amount received during the air drops will be proportional to your account balance for both tiers. For example for the coming air drop for the OG members if one member has 5000 CAN and another has 10,000 CAN the 10,000 CAN member will receive twice as many tokens as the 5000 CAN member.

All air dropped tokens also need to stay in the registered address to remain in the HODL club.

Any HODLer can buy and add tokens to their account at any time. They just can’t remove tokens from their account.

What are the benefits of being in the HODL Club?

Just a quick reminder about the CanYa HODLer Club, some of this information might be repeated from CanYa HODL Club – Update #1. Joining the CanYa HODL club is mutually beneficial for a number of reasons:

Short term:


Over the next 6 months CanYa OG HODL club members will be air-dropped 2 million CAN tokens at random times. They will also be air-dropped our partners tokens over this time frame. You will also be part of an awesome community via our HODL website and invite only Telegram.

OG HODLers will also get exclusive CanYa merchandise.


Over the next 6 months the new HODL club members will be air-dropped 500,000 CAN tokens at random times. You will also be part of an awesome community via our HODL website and invite only Telegram



Longer term:

Once a year, the rewards pool will air-drop a seperate amount of CAN tokens to each tier of the HODL club. This means the longer you are a member of the club, the higher your proportion of air-dropped tokens will be as people leave the club.


We also plan to regularly give away CanYa merchandise such as CanYa Ledger Nano S wallets, minted CanYaCoins, clothing and more! These are only available to members of the CanYa HODL Club.

CAN HODL CLUB is great for the community
*Assuming the natural attrition of HODL Club members is as expected

CanYa Blockchain Conference:

All HODL club members will receive complimentary tickets to the annual CanYa blockchain conference (and party) to be held at a destination as voted by the HODL club members. If a conference can’t be conducted, we will purchase tickets to an alternative conference as voted by our HODLers.


So how do I join?

If you didn’t participate in the CanYaCoin ICO but want to join the new tier of the CanYa HODL club, you will need to purchase 2500 CAN tokens (or more) from one of the exchanges that lists the CanYa token:

KuCoin (

AEX  (

xBrick (


Many more exchanges will have CAN listed in the comings weeks, stay up to date on our CanYaCoin Announcements Telegram Channel.

After this you will need to head to the HODL club website and apply ( After 45 days of successful HODLing (our Proof of HODL test) you will be added to the CanYa HODL Club.

CanYa HODL Club for the CAN ICO of over 5000CAN

Some examples to make things a little clearer:

Example 1: 

I bought 10,000 CAN during the ICO (or on an exchange) and I have sold 7500 of the tokens. I have kept 2500 CAN to be in the HODL club. Does that mean I am in?

Answer: No. You sold your tokens and are therefore no longer an OG HODLer. However, as you have the 2500 CAN required for the new tier you can apply to join that tier. You will just need to wait 45 days after submitting your application to be a member of the club. You will not receive any air-dropped tokens until you are in the club.

(we suggest keeping a seperate HODL registered address and a trading address to make this easier when you apply to be audited)

Example 2:

I bought 2500 CAN during the ICO does that mean I am in?

Answer: No. When the rules were made during the ICO you needed 5000 CAN. However, you do now have enough CAN to apply to be in the new HODL club tier, again, you will need to wait the 45 days until you are in and you will not receive air drops during this time.

I participated in the ICO, why haven’t I been notified if I’m a HODLer yet?

We are finalising the token audit and distribution. We will be creating our HODL emailing list and telegram group over the next few weeks. However, if you know you are eligible for the HODL club you can let us know now by filling out this Google Form.

To all of our OG HODLers:

Your first air drop will be happening in the next few weeks. We are currently auditing everyone’s addresses to make sure members are still eligible. Over the coming few days you should receive a confirmation email. We will also get our new private group set up and announce in there further details for the air drop.


The rules of the CanYa HODL Club are basic; HODL your CAN tokens! If you move any CAN token out, you exit the CanYa HODL Club and lose access to all of the perks and privileges that come with the HODL Club. You can always ADD more CAN to your whitelisted ETH address but you can’t move them away.

If you move CAN out of your ETH address but you still qualify (greater than 2500CAN), you can always reapply for the CanYa HODL Club and wait out the 45 days ‘Proof of HODL’ test.

If you would like to read more about the CanYa HODL club you can read these previous blogs:

The CanYa HODL club

CanYa HODL Club Update # 1


For all the latest news and updates follow us here:



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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

18 thoughts on “CanYa HODL Club – Update #2”

  1. Well after a great ICO, I am very disappointed in the 2500 hodl club. The white paper was written and now you have changed it. Other ICO have changed there white paper mid way or before the sale,
    and I now dont invest in there ICO. I hope I dont reget not selling my tokens in favour of the hodl club. If you wanted the hodl club you should of paid up at the ICO.


  2. ,,You will then need to wait 45 days to prove you are a true HODLer before you are entered into the club.” Is this a manuel process or a automatic process, after applying for the new hodl club? Do I have to contact the support after hodl CAN 45 days?


  3. Hi, any chance of Canya Ledger Wallet being delivered before end of January ? It would be an ideal location for OG HODLers to store their tokens with only 1 time possibility of changing wallet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. CanYa Ledger Nano S is not guaranteed for all HODL members, only the winner of the HODL raffles. If you do win and want to change, we can accommodate 👌🏼


  4. Hello i just purchased 5k coins..can I automatically enrolled for this HODL club or I have to register?


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