CanYa Newsletter #1

CanYa Updates

The CanYaCoin ICO was an amazing success and now we are fully focussed on executing the plan as per the roadmap detailed in the CanYaCoin Whitepaper.

CanYa roadmap to fulfilling the CanYaCoin ICO plan


This will be the first edition of our ‘Newsletter‘ that we will post on our social media channels and email every 2-4 weeks to keep our community up to date.

Post-CAN ICO Admin

100% Audit

This process is both time consuming and completely mandatory to ensure that CanYa can work with financial institutions and regulators in the future.


The main issue we are having is the lack of communications from CAN ICO participants.

If you have not received your CAN yet it is likely because you:

  • Participated in the pre-sale – These members have not received the second half of their CAN distribution because they haven’t confirmed their email and ETH address pairing.
  • Contributed from an exchange – These members contributed from known exchange ETH addresses and instead of sending their CAN to an exchange wallet (and likely losing it forever) we have put their CAN distribution on ‘HOLD’.
  • AltCoins’ – These members participated with currencies other than ETH (BTC/BCH/LTC/DASH). Due to issues with HD wallets (changing wallet addresses) and exchange wallets, we need for these members to confirm their transaction before we release their CAN.

We understand that the manual audit takes longer than a simple smart contract but it also would have meant that everyone that sent contributions from an exchange or a HD wallet would have lost their tokens forever. We feel the extra time is worth ensuring that those that are new to crypto and made a simple mistake didn’t lose their contribution and still got their CAN tokens!

In order to progress the audit and distribute all CAN tokens, we need these members to contact to resolve the outstanding issues.

CanYa Team on the Road

January has been a busy period for the CanYa Team. Our team has been attending cryptocurrency/blockchain conferences and exclusive invite-only blockchain meet-ups all over the world.

Since the end of the CAN ICO, we have been active in:

  • Utah – Peer Summit
  • San Fransisco – Blockchain Forum
  • Miami – North American Bitcoin Conference
  • Malaysia – Developer Meetups

Upcoming conferences will be:

We will also announce our presence at other upcoming conferences and international engagements in our CanYa Community Telegram Channel to try and meet any local CanYa HODL’ers!


CanYa Development

The CanYa Whitepaper details a very ambitious roadmap with tight timings. Currently we are on track with our new global app launch by the end of March, but we will be aiming to release a version ahead of schedule in February. We will release a Development Update & Roadmap announcement soon.

Brand Refresh

In order to deliver a user-friendly and intuitive platform, it is important to have a crisp and clean User Interface. For this reason we have prioritised the CanYa brand refresh and incorporated it from the ground up. The new design direction will ensure we keep a consistent branding across both the CanYa and Bountysource platforms moving forward.


Our design team have been working hand-in-hand with our dev team to ensure that CanYa remains a “design focussed technology company“. The new brand direction can been experienced across all of our social platforms, our website, whitepaper and all of our marketing.

Some of you have already noticed that our website ( has been completely refreshed. This has been done to align with our broader brand refresh and the new look is consistent with the themes of the new CanYa platform!

Market Research

The CanYa Team already have experience with designing apps (iOS, Android and web-apps) and we have applied the lessons learned while we move forward with updating the CanYa platform.

We have not taken anything for granted however and we have engaged with extensive product and market research to ensure that we leverage all of the fundamental expectations that come with P2P service marketplaces.

CanYa Web-app

The wire-guides for the web-app platform have been mapped, the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) has been prioritised and we are busy building on our solid foundation. We have completed basics operations and are growing out the supplementary features that will make CanYa fully functional. Our dev team is steadily growing and we are well positioned to keep to our ambitious timeline.

CanYaCoin and CanYa Web-app mock up

Bountysource is an active platform with a passionate and dedicated open-source community. A separate design and dev team have been assigned to optimise this platform with the following priorities:

  1. Update the UX/UI of the platform and incorporate the contemporary CanYa branding.
  2. Integrate CanYaCoin and other cryptocurrency payment layers into the platform.
  3. Introduce Bountysource to the cryptocommunity and enable this existing platform to become the go to place for all blockchain and smart contract creation/auditing.

We have also received a number of requests from some big companies who want to post crypto bounties to Bountysource. This is a huge opportunity that will cement Bountysource as a powerhouse of the crypto community.

This side of Bountysource will be completely powered by the CAN token creating a strong natural demand for the token on our listed exchanges.


HODL club

As per our latest released blog (which you can read by clicking this link) the HODL Club now has two tiers:

  • The original ‘OG HODLers’ which is unchanged from the original HODL Club


  • The new HODL tier. This tier only requires 2500 CAN to enter! We have allocated a separate amount of 500,000 CAN for these HODLers of which will be air-dropped at random over the next 6 months.To apply for this tier you will need to accumulate 2500 CAN tokens or more and then apply via this form: Apply now!


The OG HODL audit is almost complete. Within the next week all OG HODLers will be emailed and our new Telegram group will be up and running. We also have CanYa merchandise to give away to winners of HODL Club raffles. Expect the first OG HODL air-drop to take place in February!



The CanYa Coin is currently listed on the following exchanges:

  • Kucoin
  • AEX
  • Xbrick
  • Coss

The CAN token will also go live on Qryptos on the 25th of January. Our executive team, along with our advisors are also working hard to get CanYa listed on some of the bigger exchanges; watch this space!



The CanYa team has been strengthened with two new, world class advisors. We will be announcing these in a separate release.

The CanYa Team

The CanYa team is growing. The current staffing is:

  • Project Managers * 2
  • Developers * 5
  • Designers * 3
  • Business Development * 3
  • Community Management * 3
  • Operations/Admin * 2

We have also added four fantastic members of our own community to help as Telegram Moderators.

We are also hiring more. Please email if you would like to join our team.

Priorities for February:

  • Growing the CanYa team
  • A big exchange listing
  • OG HODL club air drop #1
  • More partnership announcements
  • Bountysource customer and developer growth
  • Developing Bountysource crypto portal
  • Continue work on the CanYa platform


For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services






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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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  1. Well done helping everyone who may have sent from their contribution from exchanges or other non compatible methods. It seems a lot of other icos would take the stance of ‘tuff’, your extra efforts to help people should not go by un-noticed.

    Again, well done

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