CanYa is Coming to South Korea and We’re Celebrating by Giving Away 1000 CAN Tokens!

CanYa in South Korea

After visiting South Korea on a business trip at the beginning of the year, CanYa CEO JP Thor was set on committing more efforts to connect with the local crypto-community and build strong relationships.

CanYa recognises South Korea as an international hub for crypto. Koreans hold nearly 33% of the world’s ETH supply, and the local crypto industry is demonstrating some incredible infrastructure, exchanges and promising projects.

We have just launched our Telegram and KakaoTalk (Canya Korean Community) online communities. Sign up now to get involved and to stay up to day with the CanYa project in Korea!

CanYaCoin AirDrop

To celebrate our trip to South Korea in March/April, one lucky member of the Telegram South Korea Community will win 1,000CAN TOKENS, selected at random from the group on March 31.

CanYa_South_Korea_AirdropNot only that, we’re also doing an Airdrop of 5-20 CAN for every single Telegram & KakaoTalk community member (that registers via the link below)!

Register for the Airdrop and join the community here.

CanYa for our Korean Community

새로운 CanYa 서비스 앱이 곧 출시 될 예정이며, 우리는 CAN 토큰을 공유하고 축하하기 위해 한국에오고 있습니다!
전보 :
카카오 톡 : Canya Korean Community

CanYa has also just released the website in Korean at

Canya_bancor 3

CanYa Travel Plans

If you are in Seoul we would love to meet you there in March/April! Here are our travel plans:

  • On 31st March 2018, JP will be in Seoul to address and meet the local community at the Catalyze Meetup (tickets released soon). The event is designed to educate, entertain and enlighten developers, investors, entrepreneurs with up-to-date discussion about regulation, technology and trends in blockchain and cryptocurrency.As major partners and supporters of the event, JP will be speaking on how to run a successful ICO, why CanYa, and his outlook on crypto for 2018. It will be informative for both newcomers and pre-ICO investors alike to the project.

    It will also be a good opportunity to meet our community face-to-face, so please don’t be shy and say hello to either JP or Kelsie if you see them.

  • While we are in Korea, we will also be attending the Deconomy, Distributed Economy, Conference in Seoul on 3-4 April 2018. We look forward to sharing ideas with some of the strongest thought leaders and projects in the space from the around the world, including Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver and Joseph Poon.

We are incredibly excited about building a strong Korean community.

Korea is one of the most learned crypto countries in the world. If you want to be involved in helping to manage our online communities, or any other facet of the community that you think can add value, please reach out at

More updates to come, so stay posted to the blog in the coming days.

새로운 CanYa 서비스 앱이 곧 출시 될 예정이며, 우리는 CAN 토큰을 공유하고 축하하기 위해 한국에오고 있습니다!
전보 :
카카오 톡 : Canya Korean Community

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

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