Bountysource, Education First increase Mozilla WebRTC bounty to a whopping $50,000!

Bountysource is a dedicated crowdfunding platform for open source software, used by organisations such as IBM, Ripple, Facebook and Signal.

See link to bounty here:

Education First posts $50k Bounty for a dormant Mozilla issue.


Founded in 2012 and acquired by CanYa in 2017, Bountysource was the first of such platforms and now boasts a 50,000 strong community of passionate open-source software and blockchain enthusiasts. Bounties are funded by members to incentivise developers around the world to solve open issues or feature requests for particular projects.


Education First’s Bounty

The Mozilla Firefox WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) issue was first reported in 2015 on Bugzilla and relates to the lack of support for NTLM/Kerberos authentication in Firefox. Where a corporate proxy uses these types of authentication, this means that users are unable to capture & stream audio/visual media.

Education First (EF) has provided life-changing education for global citizens for 50 years in over 100 countries. In its mission to connect students with teachers around the world, EF is constantly exploring the latest technology and communication standards. WebRTC is currently the most interesting of these standards for its ability to function without plugins and in low bandwidth environments; however, there is still limited browser support, particularly in more secure corporate environments.

$50,000 up for grabs!

In March this year, EF posted an $8,000 bounty to encourage development on the WebRTC issue. Despite the substantial bounty, the community discovered the work required to fix Mozilla’s WebRTC issue was daunting.

Today Education First has sought to further incentivise developers by increasing the bounty to $50,000 — One of the largest known bounties available to the open-source community. Education First hopes the bounty is enough to attract developers to take up the challenge to solve a problem which has remained unsolved for 3 years.

The Link Again:

Education First’s $50,000 Bounty

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