CANApp Launch #3 – CANShare



We are pleased to announce our latest CANApp; CANShare!

CANShare is going to be a completely new and awesome way to send and receive large files of up to 3TB! No more dropboxes or shared drives! CANShare makes it incredibly easy, private and secure to send all of your project files! It is built on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) technology.


What is IPFS?

IPFS is a network created by Juan Benet, the founder of Filecoin, that allows people to host and share files on a system of nodes.  Essentially, it’s a new way to store and access information.

It works as a peer-to-peer protocol where each node stores a collection of hashed files. A client who wants to retrieve any of those files enjoys access to an abstraction layer where it simply needs to call the hash of the file it wants.  Rather than storing files, IPFS simply stores the hashes to files on series of nodes

IPFS allows users who run a node to work together to send and receive information with each other.  Instead of having to go through a far away, central server, you can get a file quickly, nearly instantly from the closest node that has what you need.

The simple sentence explanation is that this is a new file system to send and receive information that makes use of decentralised web 3.0 technology.


The newest CAN app will allow large files to be transferred using decentralised technology (IPFS). It will offer great utility for anyone looking to send large files especially as no service currently makes this type of file transfer so accessible and achievable.

Current alternatives such as DropBox and Shared Drives require logins through central ID ports such as Facebook and Google and are also controlled by central servers.  CANShare allows you to bypass all of this, and just contribute and access the network with no bottleneck or barrier to the information.

An example of how this might work is if a filmmaker needed to send an 80GB HD video to a client for review. That file could be added to the network with a link that could be easily sent to the receiver in complete privacy with no centralised storage.  Frictionless, borderless and free decentralised technology.  This is an application that offers decentralised utility in the truest sense of the concept.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 3.04.06 pm

How it works:

The beauty of CANShare is that it is incredibly straightforward to use.  With zero requirements to verify ID or login, you can simply upload your file and once it is successfully hosted on IPFS it will produce a hash link that allows you to access and share the file.

1.  Find the local file you want to upload.
2.  A hash link will be created that allows you to access and share that file.
3.  Once you have shared or saved that hash, you can then delete the archived upload history by clearing your cache.

Future Improvements

Moving forward we will make it easier to remove the hash link from sitting on the home page and allow you to delete or archive the hashes.  Note: this does not mean the hash is deleted, as the IPFS will still host the file, however, it means that your upload history is not publicly available to anyone who was to access your computer as a privacy measure.

We will also integrate email so you can email hashes to people once the files have been uploaded to IPFS. There will also be some UI/UX improvements in the coming days.

CANShare is another great app in the suite of tools available to our digital freelancers within the CanYa ecosystem.

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