CanYa working with UpChannel to deploy CANApps to millions of smartphones

UpChannel is a B2B SaaS (software as a service) platform, that connects carriers and smartphone manufacturers with their customers, enabling recurring relationships and data-driven insight through a native app.

In a nutshell, it is a customer support service that allows smartphone telecoms and manufacturers in emerging markets to connect directly with their customers, helping with support, troubleshooting, and customer engagement tools.

How does this have cross-over with CanYa?

UpChannel, with access to 44 million smartphones through its Connect platform and pre installed, white-label Android app, is adding blockchain technology to its existing product, which will include a cryptocurrency wallet and curated dApp marketplace.

UpChannel aims to be one of the world’s largest providers of digital cryptocurrency wallets. Most importantly for CanYa is that this dApp marketplace will support and distribute CANApps to over tens of millions of smartphones.

These smartphones are predominantly concentrated in emerging markets which also aligns perfectly with one of the core benefits of the CanYa platform and cryptocurrency in general.  The CANApps will be included on a preloaded dApp marketplace across this entire portfolio of smartphones.


Marketing penetration and difficulties in Emerging Markets

As an example of its market penetration in 105 countries, UpChannel Connect is currently installed on roughly 3% of all phones in Uruguay and nearly 5% of all phones in Samoa.

With smartphone prices in emerging markets dropping below $30 USD, people are transitioning from old feature phones, going directly to smartphones and leapfrogging the PC altogether.

A lot of these new entrants to the Internet will enter via smartphone, which makes CanYa perfectly positioned to enable these new users to find and be paid for digital services across the globe. To use CanYa, they don’t even need bank accounts or credit cards and they will also not have to worry about large fees, as CanYa only takes a 1% service fee!



UpChannel and CanYa will work in concert to help deliver greater access in emerging markets to cryptocurrencies, smartphone technology and of course the gig economy. It is particularly exciting because UpChannel are focusing on the developing world – which is right now where blockchain technologies can help the most and also ironically the segment of the market that knows the least about the technology.

There are exciting opportunities for the two businesses to work together to develop our respective products and make use of operational and philosophical synergies.  CanYa is very excited to be work with UpChannel, to introduce the suite of CANApps to new people around the world.


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