Introducing the CanYa Style Guide


In line with developing our ecosystem of CanApps, the CanYa design team has crafted a style guide which works as a bridge between designers and developers, which will become particularly relevant as we move into our DAO governance structure in the coming months.

CanStyle features set typography, colours as well as widgets and modular components, to create a universal template of the CanYa visual style. CanStyle allows for designers and developers to ensure consistency amongst all the CANApps both current and in the pipeline. Style guides are essential as a source of truth in the product development process. CanStyle acts a repository of our visual identity and looks toward enabling design excellence within our brand and our applications.

CanStyle facilitates the following best practices:

Clear brand messaging

The style guide is a visual representation of our identity, and the standards within this guide when followed will help CanYa to communicate a uniform brand message.

Rapid Prototyping

The CanYa design team can work using modular features within their working environments. Modular elements such as headers, footers, widgets and other styling tools can easily be applied when making prototypes and high-fidelity interface designs. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping key elements into the workspace, and adjusting the experience dependant on the functionality of each CANApp.

Modular Codebase & Style Guide Philsophy

The CanYa development team are able to source code for essential visual assets to be able to quickly build CANApps without rework. Due to rapid and consistent prototyping on the design end, developers can create bespoke elements to CANApps with ease and without deliberation.  Moving forward we can look forward to a streamlined front end development structure and implementation processes.

Designers and developers can now spend less time on styling and more time on building the future powered by CanYa!

CanYa is focused on creating a value-driven approach to development, solving real everyday problems with user experience and the power of decentralised & distributed web3 technologies.

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CanYa is a decentralised marketplace that helps everyday people outsource local and digital services. Through CanYaCoin we are helping mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency by bridging the gap between the cryptocommunity and skilled service providers.

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