The HODL club will be closing to all new applicants

On Wednesday the 25th of July at 1700 Melbourne time both tiers of the CanYa HODL club will be closed to all new applications.

What is the CanYa HODL Club?

The HODL club was designed to create a core group of long term supporters of the CanYa project. By HODLing their tokens they would be rewarded with air-dropped tokens and other benefits.

The club was separated into two groups:


  • 5000 CAN during the ICO or 10,000 CAN post ICO

Tier 2:

  • 2500–9999 CAN post ICO

You can read more about the HODL club here:

Why is it being cut off from new entrants?

The CanYa team believe that recently the dialog with the HODL club members has dried up. To re-invigorate discussion between the team and our HODLers we moved from Discord to a new HODL private Telegram group. This had the desired effect and our HODLers started providing the team with plenty of feedback.

One of the main issues was the fact that the club was open to new participants at a much cheaper entry price than earlier entrants. To rectify this we held a poll amongst our HODLers to decide whether to close the club to any new participants. It was unanimously decided that this would occur as soon as possible.

After the club is closed anyone moving tokens out of their HODL address will forever be ejected from the HODL club.

I have already applied, will I get in?

Any valid application received before the 25th of July at 1700 Melbourne time will be accepted into the club pending the ’45 day proof of HODL’. As per the rules they will not receive any air drops until they have passed the proof of HODL test.

Anyone trying to enter the HODL club after this date will be denied.

What will happen to the HODL club after all of the airdrops are finished?

We will keep the HODL club community going as a core group of supporters to the project.

Additionally, HODL club members will be given preference to stake (and earn) tokens once the CanYa DAO becomes active. The specifics of this, and the tokenomics involved, are still being finalised.

Note:if you are a HODLer and not in the ‘Spartan’ TG group please email or contact a community admin in our community TG

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