CanYa is a trusted app-based service that helps everyday people to outsource local and digital services to verified providers anywhere in the world.

We connect people and businesses who want to get stuff done with providers who can help. CanYaCoin, which powers the CanYa platform, is the bridge between the $2tn service economy of the world and the cryptocommunity. 


CanYa is the perfect platform for trustworthy support. It is curated by the CanYa Community so all of the Users and Providers are reviewed, verified and rated.

We have given the local services industry a much needed shake up by facilitating accountability. Local providers will no longer need to pay ongoing Subscription Fees, Leads or even Extra Fees just to quote on a job. The app is free to download, free to setup and maintain, and free to quote on jobs.

The CanYa App is available for free download on both iOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store) smartphones.


For more information, check us out at: