CanYa and the Sharing Economy

The Sharing economy

The term ‘sharing economy’ refers to social and economic activity which involves online transactions. Typically the sharing economy involves a form of collaborative consumption, where resources are optimised and incentive mutualised; everyone stands to benefit from participation.

Collaborative Community
The sharing economy is the way of the future; get involved with it through CanYa

Without a doubt, modern technology has greatly enhanced and enabled sharing economies to thrive. Where traditional sharing economies might have included physical locations and resources, such as communal gardens and marketplaces, modern marketplaces exist online in most cases. Applications such as CanYa provide an environment for the sharing economy to thrive, in particular thanks to CanYa Rewards.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.35.43 am
A mix of technology, social and economy… sounds like CanYa to me!

The sharing economy is beneficial because it helps people start and maintain business activity. Along with guaranteed access to the marketplace, businesses can maximise their productive time and minimise waste. As incentives to participate in the marketplace are mutual, engagement by consumers is also rewarded.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 8.43.34 am
CanYa embraces all facets of the sharing economy

CanYa – Australia’s best way to hire local providers

This is where CanYa Rewards comes in. CanYa Rewards is all about supporting the same community which use it. Instead of pursuing traditional advertising, CanYa Rewards allows members of the CanYa community to earn a reward for referring others to the community, and whenever a job is completed.

Sharing Economy_CanYa
Join the sharing economy today but downloading CanYa for free!

If you refer a friend to CanYa, we return approximately 10% of our profits from their participation in the community to you. The more people you can get to transact through CanYa, the better your return! This is because for friends of friends you refer to CanYa, we return to you approximately 15% of our profits on their transactions. It doesn’t get much better than that really!

CanYa Rewards is super simple, it is the easiest way to join the sharing economy

This is why it is best to use CanYa: our community allows you to be rewarded for your participation, simply by getting your friends and family to give it a go. Our approach makes sure your money is shared back in to your local community, not some faceless corporate machine. It doesn’t matter whether you are a provider or a user, everyone can take advantage of CanYa Rewards and experience the benefits of the sharing economy for themselves.

CanYa is the best app available AND has the cheapest fees in the industry!

How to get involved with CanYa?

CanYa is free to download, free to setup a profile and free to quote. The only time CanYa takes money out of the sharing economy is a 5% transactional fee (from the provider) after the job is completed. Get involved today!

Download CanYa today!

Feeling stale? Time for a new look!

Time flies by unnoticed. Finding a new style is always fun.. Especially when flicking through old albums!

After spending some amount of time in a “spinny” chair you can look like a completely new person. Startle friends and family, impress crushes or look “fresh” for the special one at home.

Spinny Chair Gif.gif
Everybody has either done this or wants to!


Try something different – gel, wax, colours.. Anything!… Bowlcuts?

Sometimes you would never imagine a certain look suiting you, or others for that matter. Life is worth living, roll the dice and put in some product, get that fade or the short bob haircut you always fancied getting.

Please can these come back in style.

Bowl haircut life.gif
Please can these come back in style.

Don’t be afraid if things are a little jarring at first, time heals all wounds.

Don’t be afraid to take some advice from your lovely hairdresser, he or she will be the most qualified person in the room (ha!) and will “probably” give the best advice if you are unsure yourself. Helpful hint: take some friends to help you achieve your fresh “doo”.

Taking it in your Stride Gif.gif
Cool as a cucumber!

Haircuts can be the icing on the cake after a makeover!

After a day of shopping with the girls, or mum, it maybe a good way to finish a new wardrobe collection. Even if you have simply been hitting the pavement or gym more, losing and gaining weight, it can be a final marker in your new chapter!


Or just get one because you are looking scruffy!


Dog before and after.jpg
At this point it is just practical!

Regardless of your reasons, CanYa is the ultimate review platform to ensure good hairdressers are easy to find!

Forget the tips and tricks, hire a pro instead! If you’re in Darwin, hire Zachariah through Australia’s best app for downloading local services; CanYa. He is very experienced and will give you the “Freshest Cuts“.

To see some of his handy work, check out below!









You’ve got lipstick on your teeth

Juuuuuust kidding.

Here’s how you can avoid lipstick-teeth and some other great beauty hacks.

1. Give your lipstick the finger

This is a trick which has been passed down from generation to generation. After applying your lipstick/colour, insert your index finger all the way into your mouth and close your mouth around the finger. Slowly pull your finger out. This will remove any excess lipstick which would have migrated onto your teeth.


2. Give yourself luscious lashes

So you’ve probably curled your lashes before, but have you tried double curling? Didn’t think so. Check it out.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 6.52.49 pm

3. Seal the deal

If you’ve totally nailed your makeup and want to make sure it lasts throughout the day/night get yourself a sealing spray.

Avoid runny makeup at all costs.


4. Add highlighter to your foundation

Highlighter is a super versatile product, so if you haven’t experimented with it, adding a little to your foundation is a great place to start.

Mix 2 part foundation with 1 part liquid highlighter you’ll be looking like J.Lo in no time.

Watch this tutorial to get the glow-up you deserve.

5. If you run out of dry shampoo

This is a very dark time in any girl’s life. But, fear not – you have options. Grab a fluffy make-up brush and use translucent powder as a back-up. Don’t have any? Baby powder also does a great job. And just like that you’re saved from washing your hair for another day. Phew. 😳

6. Hire a Pro

Forget the tips and tricks, hire a pro instead! If you’re in Darwin, hire Nicole through Australia’s best app for downloading local services; CanYa. She is very experienced and will cover you for everything:

  • Weddings
  • Work Functions
  • Engagements
  • Functions
  • School Formals

To see some of her handy work, check out her Facebook page.


Bees are awesome; European Wasps are bastards!

Honey Bees VS European Wasps

Let there be no mistake, European Wasps are bastards! They can sting you repeatedly and they multiply into plague proportions! They are not native to Australia and are considered a pest. Winters in Europe are usually cold enough to kill off all but the Queen Wasps; but in Australia our Winters are warm enough for the entire nest to survive. A nest that survives the Winter can grow to sustain 100 000 wasps!!

European Wasp_Up Close
Imagine 100 000 of these bastards!

Honey bees on the other hand are the best! One third of all the food that we eat is dependant on pollinators like bees. Honey bees might not be native to Australia but they came over when the early European settlers did and both them and the environment thrived because of it!

Over 70% of crops grown around the world are pollinated by bees!

If you are still not sold of why Honey Bees are the best, this should help convince you:

Honey Bees_Interesting Facts

How to tell them apart

When you stumble upon a swarm of “stingy flies”, don’t jump to conclusions and assume they are all bastards… Honey Bees (the good guys) look like this (don’t kill!):

Honey Bees are you friends, CanYa will help you keep them safe and move them along with our services providers
Honey Bee


If you see the European Wasp bastards buzzing around your house make sure you get professional assistance to remove because they are aggressive and will sting you… multiple time!

European wasp could be a problem if not be CanYa services
European Wasp


What to do if you have a nest near your house?

If you notice that you have a nest near your house make sure you get professional help! If you try to be a weekend-warrior and get rid of them yourself, you will simply end up getting stung a few times. Unfortunately getting stung by a Honey Bee is bad for you AND the bee; but at least you survive, the poor old bee dies!

Honey Bee_Stings
If you do get stung, here is a helpful tip!

Besides you might not really be sure whether you are dealing with Honey Bees or European Wasps (I am not sure I would be getting close enough to spot the difference). A professional will be able to spot the difference and take the appropriate course of action.

Honey Bees

If it turns out that you actually have a nest of Honey Bees nearby, the Pest Control Specialist will be able to re-locate them so they can continue on pollinating our food in peace.

Honey Bees_Pollen
We need bees to pollinate our foods!

European Wasps

If it turns out that the nest is home to European Wasps, the Pest Control Specialist will be able to irradiate them for good! Unfortunately there is no negotiating with these guys, they just have to go! If you want to see a European Wasps nest removal in action, check out CanYa’s Provider of the Week doing it live on TV!

Finding the help you need

As soon as you spot a nest or swarm of bees/wasps, just leave them be. Do not antagonize them or you will learn a painful lesson! These insects are not evil masterminds, they are not out to get you.

Honey Bee_Collide GIF
They aren’t plotting against you; in fact they cannot even work out between themselves what is going on!

You can call around and try to find the best Pest Control Specialist or you can just turn to CanYaAustralia’s easiest way to book local providers! An example of one of our local, trusted Pest Control Specialists is Ben’s Bees.

Bee Keepa
Ben is CanYa’s Provider of the Week!

Ben is a passionate bee enthusiast that can be easily booked on CanYa the next time you have issues with a pest problem at your house. He can kill the Wasps or simply move the Bees. If you want to find out more about Ben you can have a look at his Facebook Page, Blog or Instagram. In the meantime, enjoy this mesmerizing bee flying:

Honey Bee_Flying GIF
Fly you glorious creature!

CanYa PT Day – Free fitness training in Adelaide

Australia’s best way to hire local service providersWeekend Workout!

A few weeks back in Adelaide, CanYa paired up with a local business owner and his employees to bring a change to some Adelaidian lives!

Mobile Physical Training Adelaide hosted a free PT day on Adelaide’s foreshore; down amongst families, joggers, cyclists and coffee lovers alike.

We approached Mobile PT as they were one of our first early adopters of the application in Adelaide and created high quality profiles.


Jumping jacks – simple but effective!


We sponsored the event to help raise awareness of our brilliant providers on the app!

We had Jake, a CanYa representative attend the event (much to his muscles regret) to participate and educate people about Australia’s best way to hire local service providers! And this is how he felt!

“The workout was intense and fun, plenty of variety with expert supervision at all times.” – Jake


What it feels like to work out for the first time in a while!

People from all walks of life came!

At the event we had around a dozen or so attendees arrive, friends, family, clients, young and “wiser”. Lachlan, our main instructor showed us a variety of exercises including: legs, arms, shoulders and core and we finished with some cardio. For the members whom arrive that struggled with any particular movements there were secondary PT’s watching us to help at anytime including technique corrections.

Bridges – “Keep those bums down!”


We were blessed with good weather and lush grass to workout to our very best! With a local marathon being run past we had plenty of curious onlookers and a few people came and enquired about what was going on!

This type of exercising, being outdoor and group orientated is different for most people and I highly recommend doing it. Especially if you loathe to sweat it out moving heavy things at the gym. Groups sessions are great for being down a partner to share some experiences and laughs with.


For those who have been to a gym before!

CanYa supports local businesses!

All in all, we at CanYa love supporting our local service providers; whether it is a young professional women looking to start out as a photographer, or a strapping young lad who has just finished his trade apprenticeship and wants to run his own business.

Say hello to CanYa – Australia’s best way to hire local services! We are not only providing a platform for local businesses, but we are actually creating business for them!

Stay tuned for more CanYa events in the Adelaide Region!

CanYa makes hiring Personal Trainers simple:

  1. You search in the “personal trainer” category
  2. You ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. You chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!



Top 5 web-based apps to make your start-up a success

As a start-up company with staff sprinkled across Australia (and indeed the world!), web-based apps are essential for collaboration and operation. With so many software options out there it can be tricky choosing the right ones for your business.

We choose our software based on two simple measures:

  1. User-friendly – some of our favourite apps are organisation/scheduling tools. If the software doesn’t provide an intuitive user experience, lacks in responsiveness or has a poor layout, our staff are less likely to use them, making planning-based apps redundant.
  2. Cost – as a start-up, cost is something that guides our choice in software. We want more bang for our bucks.

Here are our top 5 game-changing software which has helped CanYa kick goals.


What is it? Trello is a ‘productivity platform’. Essentially, it is a tool for driving, delegating and organising workflow.

How does CanYa use it? We use Trello to manage and communicate about our social media tasks (competitions, blog posts, campaigns), plan marketing activities (strategy and operational), and map out app-enhancements.

Best feature? Trello also has a phone app which perfectly integrates with the web-based version. This means tasks can be allocated and updated on the go – two thumbs up!


Source: Kimberly Ann Jimenez


What is it? CoSchedule allows you to schedule your social media posts in bulk. It will automatically post for you based on the dates and times you’ve inserted!

How does CanYa use it? Although it has multiple other uses, we only use CoSchedule to schedule and plan our social media (Facebook, Instagram and the CanYa blog) posts. Having tried another popular scheduling services but we found CoSchedule to be more responsive. We also highly recommend CoSchedule as the app allows you to see a visual snapshot of what your post will look like when it’s live on Facebook – this allows you to tweak the formatting to ensure the most important information is ‘above the fold’.

Best feature? The ‘best time’ scheduling option. This feature figures out the best engagement time for your audience aka when your followers are most likely read, click or interact with you post (i.e. social media 101).

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 5.44.05 pm
CanYa’s CoSchedule calendar.


What is it? Meldium is a tool which allows you to securely share passwords and usernames for shared apps with ease. If you have multiple users for multiple apps – i.e. more than one person collaborating and posting your social media content, Medium allows you to store all the passwords and usernames in one place which can be accessed by your staff. It also helps generate strong passwords to protect you against phishing.

How does CanYa use it? We store our passwords for our social media accounts, adobe apps, YouTube etc.

Best feature? Meldium allows you download a browser extension which automatically signs you in when you access a page you have a shared password for i.e. WordPress or Facebook.


Google Drive

What is it? This is Google’s answer to Dropbox. This is a web-based, file storage and synchronisation tool. Google Drive allows users to store files in ‘the cloud’ and access from anywhere. There are also inbuilt tools, including Sheets and Slides (similar to Excel and PowerPoint).

How does CanYa use it? We use Google Drive to store all our business and operational information.

Best feature? Ability to access anywhere, anytime.


What is it? HelpScout is an email based customer service and shared email platform.

How does CanYa use it? We use HelpScout to communicate with our users/providers.

Best feature? The email template options. We use this to ensure we are communicating consistently with our users.

More information

Want to read about some other killer software options? Here are some more options worthy of an honourable mention.


Treat your mum this Mother’s Day!

It is almost Mother’s Day again (it is Sunday, 14th of May this year; if you didn’t know) and it’s time to work out what you are going to do for her. This is the one day of the year where it is all about mothers; the women that have accomplished so much!

Baby Playing with mum's face

So how do you thank her for everything? Well that might not be possible in one day but here are some of the better options to get started…

Breakfast in bed

Why not combine two of the best things – food and bed!

Lets be honest, how good is breakfast in bed?!

If you live at home (or even nearby) you should get up an hour early and surprise your special lady with breakky in bed! Some of the easier options are:

For some more awesome ideas or recipes for the above check out this helpful link for breakfast in bed.

Help around the house

Any great mum will definitely appreciate you helping out around the house so she can simply just relax on Mother’s Day. The gesture alone will show her how much you love and appreciate all she does for you. If you are too busy to head over to do the ground work yourself, why not hire a local provider to do it for you?

Home Cleaner
Give your mum the day off and hire a local cleaner to come help out

CanYa is the easiest way to hire local service providers; you could get a cleaner for the house/car, a gardener, a babysitter, a handyman or any other trade that she might need to help her out!

Wouldn’t hiring a local provider be too expensive?

Saving mum a couple of hours cleaning on Mother’s Day could be as cheap as $20/hour; just check out one of your local cleaners right here. CanYa is making it even easier to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day; for every job that is booked directly for your lucky lady in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, CanYa will pay for $30 of it! 

Mum Relaxing
Let mum relax this Mother’s Day by getting some help around the house

All you need to do to is to jump onto the CanYa Facebook page and comment “BOOKED” under our Mother’s Day promotion and we will give you $30 off your job! But HURRY, it is only available for the first 10 people booking jobs!

High Tea

High tea is the perfect mix of time with the family and delicious foods. Expect your food to be presented to you on a 3-tiered platter, with such delights as scones, biscuits, savoury bites and little sandwiches. Have a look around and you will find heaps of places offer high tea for Mother’s Day. It is definitely advised to booked ahead as they are crazy busy on Mother’s Day!

High Tea
You get to eat the food pyramid!

Buy her a gift

This is the easiest and most common way to show you care for her and are thinking about her. You might already know that she wants something or you can check out this link on some great gift ideas for mum.

Mother's Day Present
Give your mum a small token of your appreciation!

If you are going to get her a gift, make sure you remember to get her a card; mothers love cards (for some reason)!


If you are living away or cannot be there for her on Mother’s Day then you could always send her flowers – pool the money from all the siblings if you have to. A nice bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day will make mum feel loved and put a smile on her face all day long!

Treat your mum to some flowers this Mother’s Day

The most important thing?

Just remember that Mother’s Day is all about mum! You should be making her life easier wherever you can and making sure that she feels loved. The ideas above are just the start, why not do all of them?

Think of all the things your lovely mum does for you, I think you’d agree that all of the above wouldn’t even come close to paying her back!

Also, a hug goes a long way!