It’s time to eat smarter with the help of a dietitian.

As the old saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’ – and after Easter if you’re feeling (or resembling) an Easter egg, it’s the perfect time to take control of your diet. Studies show you are more likely to stick to a healthier diet if you begin around April/May; so start today!

If you’re motivated to start fuelling your body with healthier, more nutritious food you should consider speaking to a dietitian.

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What is a dietitian?

Dietitians are qualified to give practical advice on food and nutrition. After consulting with you about what you want to get out of the appointment, they will create a ‘diet prescription’ to help you achieve your desired outcome(s). Basically, a dietitian helps you to alter or enhance your food and drinks choices to improve your overall wellbeing.

What are common reasons to see a dietitian?

  1. You suspect you may have a food allergy or intolerance
  2. You want to lose weight
  3. You want to increase your energy levels
  4. You’re suffering reflux or heartburn
  5. Your appetite has changed
  6. You’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol
  7. You’ve got a bun in the oven or you’re trying for one
  8. You’ve got low iron
  9. You want to improve your athletic performance
Dietician Meme
The dietitian myth

What can you get out of your appointment?

A dietitian’s service varies. Generally, they will educate you on the right choices for your body based on the information you provide them with and help you to create a diet plan. This sometimes includes helping you do your initial grocery shop, giving you meal ideas or recipes to follow or in some cases even giving you cooking lessons.

Dietitians are not able to conduct blood tests, prescribe medical or provide medical diagnosis. These are all actions which require consultation with a GP. However a dietitian can work with your GP and provide recommendations.

Book Elleni today

If you’re in Darwin, book a consultation with Elleni. She’s a qualified dietitian, who can provide you with the nutritional advice you need, will help you with your shopping and can even do your meal prepping for you. Check out her work below!

Elleni; CanYa’s Provider of the Week for her dietitian services in Darwin

PS: Both “dietitian” and “dietician” are correct, however dietitian is the more correct and preferred variant. There is a loooooong history over this debate of the “c”.


Drowning in chores? Let CanYa save you!

Getting back into your rhythm

We have recently been blessed with several long weekends and public holidays. These are excellent times to see family, overfeed the kids on chocolate or to get away.

Unfortunately time is the commodity that we never have enough of. Life takes the front seat and we get dragged along willingly or not.

Especially with this time of the year, people notoriously tend to fall out of good habits they created before Easter. Long weekends will do that to you. Whether it’s what you actually get up to over the weekend or the fact that it compresses your workload during the week. All of a sudden you’ve got hours worth of chores to do.

When was the last time you swept under the couch?

Naturally with all of this commotion the little things get missed. The garage needs to be cleaned out, the spring clean never happened and you suspect there is a small army of dust bunnies about to run rampant from under your furniture and you are not prepared!

“But I don’t have time, between X, Y & Z I’m a busy bee!” – You.

Say hello to CanYa – Australia’s best way to hire local services! We are, once again here to save the day and defend from the dust bunnies! Leave stress and tedious jobs behind and focus on the important things, we have you covered.

The process is simple:

  1. Download CanYa; the best way to find trustworthy cleaners
  2. Have a look around your area for “Cleaners” (there are categories for house, office, car, graffiti, carpet, high pressure etc)
  3. You can Broadcast a job to the entire crowd or select the cleaner that you want (you can bias RatingPrice or Availability)
  4. Live the good life not needing to clean on your days off!

One of Darwin’s best cleaners

Want and inside tip for one of the best cleaners in Darwin? No worries, meet Lisa:


Lisa is an amazing example of something using multiple talents on CanYa. Primarily a transition teacher, she also provides services for tutoring, babysitting and most importantly cleaning!

Does your study look like this? Might be time for a cleanup!

“I am energetic, friendly person with lots of patience!” – Lisa’s CanYa profile.

This goes without saying, however if you are a parent with young humans that are masters at making messes and headaches – Lisa will teach, clean and look after them for you!

CanYa makes hiring Lisa simple:

  1. You search for her in the “cleaner” category (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. You ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. You chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!


Sharing CanYa profiles with

CanYa’s Tech

In the last few years we have seen an explosion of specialised services, normally in the form of API’s (a good video to explain API is right here). At CanYa, we use a lot of third party services to leverage off of experts in a particular field, then build on top of those.

CanYa technology integration
CanYa’s integration of technologies

One of these that we particularly love is

Users of CanYa probably won’t even notice that we are using an external service, but when you share your profile, it is powered by

FullSizeRender 2
Sharing your CanYa link is simple. This one is


How it works:

  1. Find your CanYa referral code in the main menu inside CanYa. Post on all your social media in the format: (CAPS LOCK THE FIRST 3 LETTERS; eg: ABC123)
  2. Your friends & clients tap on the link.
    1. If they have CanYa installed already, it will open into your profile and favourite you.
    2. If they have not downloaded the app yet, it will take them to the App Store (either Apple iOS or Google Play Store). After installing, CanYa (with the help of will know they tapped on your referral code, give you referral credit and ongoing CanYa Rewards!
    3. If you are on a desktop computer, you will be directed to our main website,
Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.47.43 pm
Referring is even easier with

There are multiple benefits to sharing your CanYa profile:

  • Receive $10 sign-up credit whenever somebody installs the app with your referral code!
  • Receive an ongoing 0.5% – 1.0% trailing commission (out of our fees) every time your direct or indirect referrals transact jobs inside CanYa. We call this CanYa Rewards.
  • Simply marketing your business through social media.

Dollar Dollar Bills Y'all

Nerd details

So why do we need to use a 3rd party service to do this?  Well, it turns out this is a difficult problem to solve well across a bunch of devices and platforms. Each device platform has a different way of opening apps from links; for example iOS uses Universal Links where your app registers for a particular URL, in this case

In order to do this, you would need to add an apple-app-site-association structured file to your website, handle image previews, descriptions and titles for each link so iMessage & Facebook previews work well, then accurately track & fingerprint users who click on your link, save their details then match with app openings minutes afterwards, plus deliver a data payload of referral codes and so on.

Nerd meme

All we do is CNAME to the server, who handle the rest, including recently adding TLS encryption (https) automatically using the wonderful basically handles all of this across multiple platforms. Free!

Branch Metrics Logo

As we say in South Australia: Heaps good!


The Home Maintenance Schedule

For most people the family home is the largest investment that they own. Keeping it in good condition is important but it is very easy to overlook or to get overwhelmed. Here is a schedule to keep you on top of it all and ensure you are protecting your largest investment.

1. Every week

These are the routine tasks to keep your house clean and tidy.

  • Wipe down all benches, tables and surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop all the floors
  • Clean microwave
  • Scrub the floor and tiles in the bathroom
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clear debris from the lawn
  • Disinfect all light switches and door handles
Get down and dirty with the basic weekly cleaning

2. Every month

Every month you should focus your efforts into the maintaining of your house.

  • Properly clean the inside of the oven; removing all oil and grime
  • Test your smoke alarms
  • Check filters (range hood, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner etc)
  • Clean blinds/curtains (vacuum and/or wipe down)
  • Rinse out and clean wheelie bins
  • Wash and dry all bathroom and kitchen floor matts
  • Remove all weeds and large debris from the garden
House Maintenance
Maintaining the house is important and cannot be overlooked

3. Every quarter

Every quarter you need to address the larger issues around your house. These tasks take a lot longer to do but will keep your house in better condition for longer.

  • Pressure clean the driveway and patio areas
  • Clean out the gutters of all leaves and debris
  • Spray clean all windows and screens
  • Test all electrical trip switches
  • Check the water meter is operating correctly and free of debris
  • Clean under and behind larger appliances (fridge, dryer, washing machine etc)
  • Clean air-conditioner and check filters
  • Oil the garage mechanisms and wipe down the doors
  • Throw out all out-dated and expired foods from the cupboard and fridge and clean the empty shelves
Task compilation
Some of the tasks that can overwhelm you with help from local providers

4. Pop up tasks

Even with the above maintenance schedule you will find there are pop up tasks and odd-jobs that come about all through the year. When you find these issues you need to address them straight away with a DIY project or by hiring a local trusted provider. Some of these tasks might include:

  • Replacing blown lightbulbs
  • Fixing leaking taps or running toilets
  • Replacing ripped or torn fly screens
  • Cleaning and repairing the roof and drains
  • Chopping up and removing fallen palm fronds or trees
Jack of all trades
Getting help is easy, especially when you hire a jack of all trades!

Don’t suffer, get help!

Looking at the maintenance schedule for the house is pretty daunting. It is possible to keep chipping away and to complete it all by yourself but there is a better way!

Get help with CanYa!

CanYa has local, trusted and verified providers that can help with the home maintenance schedule and burdens that comes with it. Many of the providers are “jack of all trades” and in one call-out you can get somebody to help with the any one or all of your odd jobs and household tasks!

Nicko Boubaris (on of our Darwin based providers) is a good example of how flexible a CanYa service provider can be. Nicko provides services ranging from handyman, roofer, tiler, builder, plasterer to painting, appliance installation and bathroom/kitchen renovation. To get help from Nicko or to view his CanYa profile for free, simply click here and download Australia’s best app for hiring local providers.

Nicko Bourbaris
Nicko Boubaris – A man of many skills


5 benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter

So you’re going away and you need to work out what to do with your furry best friend?

Sadly texting to check up on your dog doesn’t work.

dog text.png
More amazing dog texts here.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Have someone stay at your place and look after Fluffy and Spot

There is an easier, and a cheaper option for you if you have more than one type of pet and you’re going away for an extended trip. Here are the benefits of having a live-in nanny for your fur children:

  1. Being in their own environment will remove the stress and anxiety many animals feel when they are in an unfamiliar place
  2. Having a sitter means you can ask them to follow your pet’s diet, medical exercise routine
  3. Having someone to play with and give lots of attention to your pet will keep their spirits high while their best friend (you) is away
  4. If something unplanned happens your pet sitter will be there to help – i.e. your trip is extended, a flood occurs or the neighbour’s kids unlock your gate
  5. Keeping your pet at home means they won’t have exposure to other animals’ illness or parasites


Have someone check in on Fluffy and Spot

If you’re going away for a short while (less than a week), have secure fencing, and have pets which won’t get too stressed with being left alone, this is a great option. You can hire someone to drop into your place to feed, walk and play with your pets, while allowing them to stay comfortable in their normal environment.

This is also a much better option if you have farm animals such as pigs, horses, sheep and chicken.

Darwin friends – book Rural Home and Pet Care Services

You can trust these guys to take care of your pets while you’re away – and guess what, they’ll even water your plants and stock up your fridge for your return – winning!

Read more about their work here.

Book them following these steps:

  1. Search for them on CanYa (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. Ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. Chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!

Melbourne; the wait is almost over!

CanYa launching in Melbourne very soon

CanYa; Australia’s best and most convenient way to hire local services
 is soon to be launching in our big city; Melbourne! The free to download app allows you to book in a service provider for just about any job or task you may need to be done.

Straight off the back other another successful launch (Adelaide), CanYa is coming to Melbourne!

It is quick and easy to use. No more endless searching for the best plasterer, gardener, babysitter and/or removalist because CanYa has it all under one app, and it’s launching in Melbourne!CanYa Phase - Blue

First of all, let me start off by expressing my undying love for Melbourne. We embrace innovation, excel in business and we’re home to the sporting capital of Australia.  I’ve lived here for the past year or so but I was originally an Adelaide boy.  The city is vibrant and full of wondrous culture and most importantly it presents massive opportunity for us hard workers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.07.29 pm
Melbourne represents an opportunity for everyone!

Is it just me or do we Melbourne Hustlers seem to be working a lot harder for a lot longer?!

The seemingly endless search

I hate it when a job needs to be done and you are stuck without an easy option. The endless task begins of googling for the best service providers around.  You type in “the best cleaner” or the “cheapest plumber” and the search results come up with hundreds of different companies and services. None of these are peer-reviewed and they are all just competing against one another to get your attention.

My partner in crime is admittedly busier and a harder working than me so her time is even more limited (do not tell her I said that).  “I wonder what is the best and most convenient service around me to get this job done”. So 30 minutes has gone and I seem to be more confused. This was the struggle, until now.
Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.46.45 pm.png

So undoubtedly we are living through the biggest tech age of all time; surely there must be an app that does it all?

Thankfully there is an app that does it all, CanYa! CanYa is a one stop shop that allows you to Find, Book, Pay and Review local service providers.

The app is free to download and available on Android and iOS!


I must admit, the CanYa user experience is pretty darn cool! You have all these jobs around the house you need to get done but of course they all take TIME.

The reason why CanYa is so unique is you can get a CanYa provider to do ALL of these jobs for you. You can chat to your provider on CanYa chat (messaging or calling) before they even do the job. Once you’re happy you have the right provider, you can book your local service provider!

james_handyman_servicesThe most amazing part out all this is you can find a CanYa provider for practically any job that you want done. My personal favourite is the CanYa puppy walkers!

Previous CanYa Provider of the Week

CanYa represents change

I can honestly say CanYa represents change. The service is forming a revolution of opportunity for families and workers around Australia. It’s actually exciting to imagine what this game changing app is going to bring to our big city. Download the app today to join the  community of over 4000 users already!

Maximising provider profits – a guide for all providers

Earning an income on a new platform such as CanYa can be difficult if left uneducated. That’s why CanYa is making it super easy by providing you the best tips to maximise profits for any CanYa provider.

Step 1 – Setup your profile!

OK, so this may seem obvious to some but it is a must if you want to get noticed and sent quote requests. The process is easy, we promise.

A) Open up the hamburger menu, and hit the profile button. Now you can customise both the user and provider profiles used in the app.

The infamous “hamburger menu”

B) A picture tells a thousand words. Add pictures to show off your work, especially if its previous CanYa work. Many users will determine who they want to employ based off quality alone!

C) Set your price for what your worth. Quality must match price. There is not point charging the top tier price bracket if you are just starting out, don’t have any formal licences/qualifications or if you are just doing work on the side. Retrospectively, if you are a qualified, licensed service provider, ensure your price is both competitive and warranted.

D) Add all your qualifications and licences; especially if you are providing more then 1 service. The more you have the more credibility you will gain!

Get noticed with CanYa!

Find out more about setting up your CanYa Provider account right here

Step 2 – Refer refer refer – The more you refer the better it is for everyone.

Ok, so why refer? 2 reasons.

  1. By referring new members and getting them to input your unique referral code (found in the sidebar menu) gives them $10 credit and YOU another $10 credit which is free to use inside the app (#Give10Get10). And, best of all this isn’t capped, so if you successfully refer 10 people, that’s $100 you can now use to hire someone you need, like one of our friendly babysitters.
  2. The second reason is that now every time your friends use the app and pay for jobs, we will give you 10% of our commission just to say thanks for the referral. How good is that?! We will even increase it to 15% if you referred the referrer.
CanYa Rewards- Share your code, Grow the Community, Own the Profits

Find out more about referring from our blog post here or our help article found here.

Moral of the story: Refer, refer, refer!

Step 3 – Make sure jobs are completed using the app

You might be thinking “But cash is king though??”

Well, yes this is true is some instances. However, using the CanYa app does several important things.

It lets you accurately track jobs, supply and amend invoices (very handy for tax time), protects you in case of disputes and finally builds reputation by keeping your account active and gets you peer reviews.

“But why do that, I can make more money in cash jobs?”

Ok, so this is why. Using CanYa to finish jobs does many things. First it gives you CanYa points which in turn helps increase the ranking of your profile. This means you can be found first which allows you to get you more jobs. For more info visit our help page here

Get reviewed!
Note: Keeping an active account will stop you from being deactivated for lack of activity!

Step 5 – Get your clients to like you!

If you have finished a job ensure your client leaves not only a review (which multiplies each point you earn from the job) but also likes you. A mere review and like can earn you 100’s of points which helps get you to the top of the profile rankings, yay!

Peer reviews are reviews you can trust!

More on improving your ranking can be found here

Step 6 – Organise yourself

Are you busy with another job, study or other super important tasks?

Don’t fret. We built an availability calendar just for you.

Work when you want to work

Now you can set the time that you want to accept jobs. This helps you plan your life without having to worry about cancelling all the quotes that don’t fit your life.

You can find out more about setting your availability in CanYa right here


Interested in checking out why people trust CanYa so much?