Laundry tips for the time poor

It probably isn’t entirely true that I am “time poor” but I just don’t want to waste what little down time that I have doing mundane and boring adult admin like laundry !

Pile of laundry
Delay laundry day for one day…

If you too are “time poor” or just want to speed up this aspect of your adult admin’ing then have a read over these laundry tips to save time:

1. Pay somebody to do it!

You have no idea how easy and cheap it is to outsource this stuff! Gone are the days of taking it to the local dry-cleaners and paying an arm and a leg to get it cleaned. You probably know CanYa as Australia’s best services app but what you don’t realise is there are plenty of casual services on there like ironing, washing and clothing repair!


2. Fix tissue bombed clothes in the dryer

We have all been there… you throw a pile of clothes in the washing machine and feel like everything is going ok until you pull out this:

Tissue Bits on Laundry
Damn you random piece of tissue!!!

Good news is there is a super easy way to fix this problem! Just pick it all up and throw it in the dryer. All of the little bits of tissue will be collected by the lint filter and you can continue living your life without picking off the 1 000 000 pieces of paper!!

3. Quicker clothes drying for free

Oh the days of a Hills-Hoist clothes line, how I wish I still had you! Unfortunately I know have two options:

  • Clothing horse that takes up half of my apartment and pretty much leaves no room for movement.
  • Clothes dryer that takes 4 years to dry

I tend to take the free option of the clothes horse but when I am in a hurry I go “faster” option of the clothes dryer. To make the clothes dryer actually faster, throw in some clean tennis balls or a dry towel. You will be amazed at how much faster the clothes dry!

Dryer with tennis balls
Adding tennis balls will speed up the drying HEAPS!

4. Fold like a pro

The most mundane of all the laundry experience… folding your clothes afterwards! Well do not spend a second too long on this soul crushing experience. Fold your clothes in seconds!

Folding Shirt GIF
Learn this trick, it will save you so much time!

This little tip alone will save you BULK time in the folding process! If you aren’t the kind of person who folds or you want some tips for you pants, you can always roll it. Not only will rolling your clothes save you time but it will also save heaps of space! Next time you are travelling give it a go because you will be amazed at how much space you save!

Rolling Clothes GIF
Roll it and be done

5. Summary for saving time on laundry

  • Outsource it with CanYa! Seriously, you will be amazed at how cheap and easy it is. Check it out today for free (why not, the price is right?!)
  • Clothes dryer will dry both your tears and your tissue ridden clothes in no time
  • Tennis balls/dry towel to speed up the clothes dryer, drying process
  • Folding your clothes in 2 seconds or rolling them for quick success

Follow these tips and you will be adult admin’ing like a pro!

Dancing laundry success GIF
Go forth and crush some adult admin’ing!

Is charging your phone overnight killing your battery? We answer the top 3 smartphone myths.

Your smart device is key for everything in life. Whether it is for finding your next hot match on a dating app or using it to navigate around a new city.

With such an important (and expensive) item in your pocket, it’s important to know how to look after your phone. We are going to explore some of the advice floating around about smartphone care.


Closing your background apps will speed up your phone

From the outset, this seems pretty believable. Your phone can only handle so much, and having too many apps open at the same time has to slow down your phone, right? Wrong. Modern smartphones are designed to focus on ‘recently and most commonly used tasks’. This means your phone can function, without slowing, while apps/web pages wait harmlessly in the background. Of course, keeping multiple apps open will drain your battery, but closing them won’t speed up your phone.

silly-smartphone-magic.jpg    Source:

Screen protectors stop your phone getting scratched

The first few generations of smartphones were designed with thin, responsive glass that was highly susceptible to scratches, chips and cracks. But in the recent few years, all the major smart phone manufacturers have been improving on this aspect. Now it is commonplace for durable tough displays that are surviving more and more damage.

Charging your phone overnight reduces battery effectiveness

This was definitely the case with older phones however, we are in the age of technology and your phone is smarter than you think. Once your device has reached maximum charge, it stops charging.

Although we do need to be aware of how best to treat out beloved batteries. Your battery life will last longer if you keep your phone charged between 40% and 80%.

Myths busted.. but accidents can and do still happen!

What happens when your phone decides it wants to try out being a starfish at the bottom of your swimming pool?

Juggling kids, groceries and owning shorts with shallow pockets have all contributed to a few shattered screens here and there. Unfortunately regardless how scratch proof your phone is, it still isn’t crack or shatter proof.

Keep in mind, you’ll probably never be clumsier than this poor soul!

The solution

If you have experienced butterfingers recently, and are now in possession of a shattered phone, do not fear – CanYa is here. We can help you help yourself. Especially if you are in Darwin and you’ve had a “whoops” moment.

Albert at Territory QuickFix is a prime example.  He believes that repairing your iPhone or iPad shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. He repairs broken LCD screens to battery replacements.


So if your phone enjoys taking swimming lessons, jumping from heights and sliding out of pockets, download CanYa and hire Albert now!

CanYa makes hiring Albert simple:

  1. You search for him in the ‘mobile phone’ category (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. You ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. You chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!


Stop Spending, Start Referring

Instant Referral Bonus!

You know that code you see on your left “hamburger” menu? Did you know that it is the key to you getting extra CanYa Credit for nothing?

CanYa_Unique Referral Code
CanYa Unique Referral Code

This is your Unique Referral Code (in the image above the code is “CAN456”). When you sign up to CanYa you are asked to put in a referral code. If you input a valid code you get $10 CanYa Credit for free. What you might not have known is the person that gave you the code also gets $10!

If you feel like you have been missing out, you can download Australia’s best services app AND receive $10 of CanYa credit by clicking here!

Ok, but is $10 really worth the effort of referring people?

Well, lets think about it for a second. If you get 5 of your mates onto the app then you now have $60 CanYa Credit for free (5 x $10, plus your initial $10 referral bonus). You could get a cleaner around to your house for a few hours.

Cleaning Supplies
Free cleaner? Sounds pretty good!

Ok, pretty cool but not sold

Well, could you get 20 people to download a free app? Definitely! Now you would have $210 and wouldn’t need to worry about paying for your next car service!!

Give $10 and Get $10… save up for a mechanic!

I don’t drive a car

Ok, now you are being difficult… How about you get a Gardener to mow the lawn ($40) AND a Cleaner to clean the house ($60) AND a Babysitter to watch the kids on date night ($50) AND a Handyman to finally fix the broken door ($50)? Not bad, right?!

All Trades_CanYa Rewards
So many services… Stop Spending, Start Referring!!

I could do this all day but you are smart enough to work out how good this could be. So Stop Paying, Start Referring! (#StopPayingStartReferring for the Gen Y audience).

Steps from Stop Paying and Start Referring?

  1. Download Australia’s best services app today!
  2. Find your unique referrals code
  3. Refer your friends and family (EVERYBODY can get at least 5 people to download a free app!)
  4. Start planning how to spend all your CanYa Credit!
Obama Making it Rain
Obama, out!

The ultimate guide to throwing your child’s next birthday party

This is the only guide you need to read to throw your little one an unforgettable (and Instagram worthy) birthday party.


1. The three W’s


Your place – if you’re happy to have your house left a little worse for wear for the good of an awesome party, host it at yours. This means you can go extra wild with the decorations, and if you invite the kid’s parents to come along, you can share glass of champagne or two!


Park/outdoors – if you’d rather not invite the masses  (or the messes) to your house, a local park is always a great idea. Some things to consider:

  • You’ll need to check the weather (hint – having an outdoor party in the middle of winter is a bit too risky)
  • Book the space (if required)
  • Make sure there will be enough adults to supervise if the park is near open water or busy roads

Play centre – hiring a play centre is the next step up from the park. No cleaning, no need to arrange entertainment and more often then not – you can leave the catering up to them. This is always a good option for time-poor parents, and is guaranteed fun for your kids. This option of course can be more costly (if you’re paying for each guest’s entry), and can also limit your guest list, decoration efforts and food choices. But you can always shop around to find somewhere which caters best for you.


Pick a date and a time. This will depend on the age of your child, and the children you’re inviting. Here’s a quick guide to setting the length/time of your party, based on age groups:

  • Toddlers (1 – 3 year olds) – nap time is still a consideration for this age group, so keep your party on the shorter side to avoid tantrums, or worse, an unplanned snooze-fest. Think 1 – 1.5 hours. Mid morning, 10am – 11am always works well.
  • 4 -7 year olds – although a few years older, still stick to 1-2 hours, stick to mid-morning or early afternoon time slots.
  • 8 – 11 year olds – by the age, most children can stay entertained and enjoy themselves for up to 2 hours
  • 12 onwards – by 12 kids can usually entertain themselves to an extent and are comfortable being away from their parents for 2 hours plus.


  • Is this going to be a big bash or more of a cozy celebration? This will depend on your location (space limitations), whether your child enjoys bigger or smaller gatherings, and your budget
  • Sit down with your little one, and let them help you put together a list of friends
  • With younger children’s parties, parents sometimes expect to be able to bring siblings along. If this doesn’t work for you, make sure you make it clear it’s invite only

2. Choose a theme

Choosing the right theme for the party is very important – and fun! It instantly brings the party to life, and helps guide the food, games and decorations. Here are some fun ideas for parties!


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.38.46 pm

Recreate these costumes: Praying mantis, Ladybug and Spider.

Under the sea

This theme works for all ages and really lets you run wild with the decorations! Sea more ideas here (see what I did there?).

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.13.51 pmImage source: Pinterest

Glow in the dark disco

One for the older kids. Think glow sticks, glow in the dark paint and fairy lights. Check out more bright ideas here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.50.15 pm.pngPhoto credit:

Want more theme ideas?  Here is 17 more from BuzzFeed.

Invites – paper or digital?

If you were planning to send the invites home from school – maybe think again. We all know any sort of important paperwork (think excursion note, report, etc) may end up at the bottom of a school bag covered in yoghurt. Going digital also means you can invite your kid’s friends discreetly if you’re having a smaller party.

There are lots of options for e-vites, some which even have rsvp functions. We love Paperless Post.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.27.20 pm.png
Check out more invites here.

4. Entertainment

Want a form of entertainment that ties together your theme, is tons of fun and creates some great party photos? Look no further – get yourself a face painter.

We might be bias, but if you’re in Adelaide book Sophie’s Facepainting.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 6.55.00 pm.png
Her work speaks for itself!

CanYa makes hiring Sophie simple:

  1. You search for her in the “artist” category (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. You ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. You chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!

5. Let them eat cake!

I’ll just leave these here….

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.02.24 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.08.02 pm.png


How to do some gardening and stay married…

Busy life, big dreams

I’m someone who likes to do hands on projects around the house.  I dream big, and I get started on my own steam (you know, modern woman can hammer a nail just as well as the next man, no need for hire-a-hubby or even a volunteer hubby and so forth).

Busy Mum_Multi-tasking
“Jane” of all trades, master of none

And being the working mother of 4 children, I take advantage of the few hours I have here and there to get stuck into a little juicy project, and hope like anything I can get it done before there is a chorus of ‘I’m hungrrrry!’. Unfortunately I’m not a big planner – preferring instead to do the planning as I go along (I pride myself on my multitasking!).

But SOMETIMES you need to know when to call it quits and call in someone to help.

Let me illustrate…

Pile of Rocks_Darwin
This is 10 tonnes of rocks! More help needed than these 3…

 The garden isn’t going to fix itself!

So the other day, I decided something NEEDED to be done about the verge. It was covered in weeds and debris and it was a nice sunny morning. Perfect. Hat on, shovel out, I get to attacking the weeds and scattered palm fronds. Two hours later, I have a very large pile of palm fronds on our verge.

Feeling quite satisfied I turn to catch my hubby looking at my palm frond pile with a quizzical look on his face.  “Where’s that pile going?” he asks (in a voice devoid of any hint of negativity which is a credit to him!). Hmm. I hadn’t thought about that yet and it was a rather LARGE pile.

So, where IS that pile going?

Three weeks later, after a failed attempt at finding a friend’s trailer to borrow and another failed attempt at paying my brother to get rid of it, I finally decided to find a rubbish removalist on CanYa!

With CanYa, I managed to get rid of that pile that day!

I promised my hubby I’d never do it again. He just looks at me and decides to buy a palm frond mulcher the next day. Okay. FINE.

Good idea in theory…

Problem was, now that I had de-weeded my verge, I needed to keep the weeds out. Ideas pinged and I settled on getting some rocks from through a Facebook gardening sale – low maintenance, great base for a waterwise garden. I informed my husband that some rocks were getting delivered to finish the verge and about 30 minutes later, they arrived in style. My poor hubby looked at me in quiet disbelief – to be honest I was a little shocked that ten tonnes of rock was such a HUGE pile!

Pile of Rocks_Delivery
In case you forgot how big a pile of rocks I had to deal with!

I kept up a straight face – of course I knew what ten tonnes of rock meant and of course I was going to spread it straight away. In fact “it would all be done by the end of the weekend“, I enthusiastically told my husband and the truck driver. And I pretended not to hear the truckie ask my hubby if he needed a drink. What pessimists!

Three months later, after many calluses, an ever suffering husband who I cajoled into assisting to move 2 of the 10 tonnes, a good dose of realism kicked in when I still had 3-4 tonnes of rocks left over (in a large pile in the SAME spot the palm fronds had been in!).  Sigh. Time to save my marriage and call in some gardening help from CanYa.

Completed Gardening
Worth it in the end!

 Don’t suffer, let CanYa help

I don’t know what the lesson for me is in all of this, but I do know that stubbornly trying to get a job done on your own doesn’t work – and sometimes it’s better to know when to call it quits and get some help.

Actually, it’s probably time to organise that nice CanYa babysitter Courtney again. Date night required NOW!

Can Ya trust our babysitters?

What is the most important thing?

The sharing economy, collaborative consumption, the peer economy whatever you want to call it there has been a tectonic shift in consumer behaviour over the past decade. What does this shift rely on?

Simple, it’s trust.

CanYa_Trust Fall.jpg

Trust was once established via imposing marble buildings and indecipherable legal jargon. Now it is given to the people via crisp user interfaces and mutual reviewed profile views. The guys at AirBnB knew this despite being rejected over and over again by scoffing investors all asking the same question “how are you going to get people to trust random strangers to rent their houses for a weekend?”.

Well, a great user experience, fantastically presented properties and a peer reviewed rating system has lead to millions of people all over the world doing exactly that (and a $30bn valuation!).

This concept is at the heart of everything that we do at CanYa. We provide a seamless experience to book local service providers; a process made a whole lot better when you have complete trust in the provider prior to the job starting.

We have completely flipped the premise adopted by other legacy service booking platforms.

So what is the alternative to sending a job request out into the ether and receiving quotes from random providers at all hours of the day? CanYa empowers the user to browse the full range of local service providers in any given category before choosing the provider that best meets their requirements. This is a completely novel way of framing the booking process, yet, it is by far the most natural way for it to occur.

The user can view a highly detailed provider profile that lists:

  • Provider’s skills
  • Qualifications
  • Description
  • A full history of reviews from previous bookings

CanYa’s booking cycle and profile interface have helped our users book providers with confidence that is un-matched in today’s market place. This has lead to some very interesting results when the app was released to the public.

Babysitters, Trust and CanYa

One of the interesting developments was the surprising popularity of the babysitter category. This category was one of the original 90 categories made available for CanYa’s launch. We’ll admit now that the CanYa Team were dubious as to whether this category would work.

Could someone really trust a complete stranger, booked through a brand new app, to look after their children?

If they did it would be the ultimate validation of our booking process and provider profiles.

Enter the babysitters!

Low and behold, when we had our soft launch in Darwin during December 2016, babysitters quickly became one of our most popular casual provider categories. In fact, within a month we had around twenty babysitters and a large volume of bookings.

The flipped booking flow and information rich profiles were working way better than we had anticipated. It was a good sign, if we could get users to trust our providers with their children than things were looking good for our other service categories!

Early iteration of CanYa showing the popularity of babysitters in Darwin

CanYa has just launched in Adelaide and, again, babysitters have proven to be one of our most popular categories. So much so that CanYa recently ran a very successful competition giving out in-app credit so the winner could book a babysitter on Valentine’s day.

CanYa’s Valentine’s Day Competition

Another great feature of CanYa is our free in-app messaging and calling functions. Once parents have chosen the babysitter we have found that they also message and/or call the provider within CanYa as a final check before booking. These simple yet effective features all help to create the necessary level of comfort in a complete stranger such that you can trust them enough to look after your children.

Courtney Furlan – CanYa’s Provider of the Week for babysitting in Darwin

CanYa is still in its infancy, we have a long way to go as an app and as a company. Having said that, the popularity of babysitters in CanYa is indicative of a much bigger point; trust is key and, in this regard, our formula works!

Interested in checking out why people trust CanYa so much?

Before and After – Let CanYa change your life!


I consider myself to be a pretty “clean” person. I keep my house tidy, there is minimal mess and I wipe down the benches after cooking. That’s clean right?

When was the last time you properly cleaned the oven/microwave, really cleaned the bathroom or actually mopped the kitchen floor?

I have a full time job and when I come home or have a weekend off, the last thing I feel like doing is getting elbow deep in my toilet. I think the only thing worse than spending my weekend cleaning is dealing with cleaning agencies or finding a cleaner that I can trust!


There has to be a solution right? It is the 21st Century – I have a smartphone, some money and the desire for an easier life. So, the question remains.

How do you find a good value cleaner that you can trust?

Enter CanYa – Australia’s best way to hire local services! Because CanYa requires mutual feedback/reviews after every job, you can be sure that the cleaner is everything they claim to be.

The process is simple:

  1. Download CanYa; the best way to find trustworthy cleaners
  2. Have a look around your area for “Cleaners” (there are categories for house, office, car, graffiti, carpet, high pressure etc). For Adelaide’s best Cleaner (House) click here!
  3. You can Broadcast a job to the entire crowd or select the cleaner that you want (you can bias Rating, Price or Availability)
  4. Live the good life not needing to clean on your days off!
Adelaide’s Cleaners (House)

Adelaide’s best cleaner

Don’t want to stuff around looking for the best cleaner? No worries, meet Bec:

Rebecca_CanYa Profile Picture
Bec – CanYa’s Provider of the Week

Bec has been a professional cleaner for the last 6 years. There is no job that is too big or too small! Bec prides herself on her attention to detail.

Before and After_Oven
This is how your oven will look like when Rebecca is through with it!


“Most of my business is based on word of mouth, my reputation is built on being fastidious!”

Before and After_Bathroom
Some more of Bec’s handy-work!

CanYa makes hiring Bec simple:

  1. You search for her in the “cleaner” category (or skip the hassle and use this link)
  2. You ask for a quote by including a description of the work and some pictures
  3. You chat (message and calling) in-app
  4. Once the job is done you pay with the tap of a button
  5. Review each other to keep the CanYa Community honest!

To make things even better, Bec is also available to sit for your pets! Just think about it, the next time you need to go somewhere but don’t have somebody to feed your dog, get Bec in. She will look after your pets AND clean the house!

Smiling Dog
With Bec, everyone’s happy!