Crocodile in your back yard? Who ya gonna call?

Ok so you wake up, make a brew and then head out the back to relax and you see this:


What is your next move? Well lets be honest… you probably drop your coffee, squeal like a little girl and run inside. Problem solved, right? Maybe not. You’re going to need yourself a crocodile removal expert asap!

There’s no time to waste trawling the internet -you’re not an invest-gator (somebody stop me). You’ve got to book someone affordable, highly rate and QUICK. This is where CanYa comes in. Use the app to find an available provider, at the right price and with the best rating.  How do you know if they’re any good – don’t worry, the CanYa community will let you know.


Aaron is the best Crocodile Removal expert in Darwin and he is easy to book; he is on CanYa. When Aaron heard the slogan “CanYa Do Something?” he answered YES. He downloaded the app for free and signed up his unique skill.

Every been face-to-face with a croc? Aaron stares danger in the face:


Aaron does a lot more than just remove crocs. He specialises in:

  • Catching cattle killers
  • Relocating crocs
  • Egg collecting
  • Croc spotting surveys

When you find yourself in need of a croc expert,  Aaron Rodwell is your man – check out his profile on CanYa today.


Experience another world from the comfort of Darwin.

We’re here to tell you about Tree of Dreams – VR Cinema. Ok so first of all, what is a VR cinema?

VR, or Virtual Reality is an awesome up and coming technology that allows you to immerse yourself in another world. Strap on the googles and – boom – you’ve been transported into another dimension.

The VR is more realistic than you might think… just ask this dude:


If you’re going to check out another world, why do it alone? Tree of Dreams take everyone along for the ride! This experience is suitable for people all shapes and sizes.

Tree of Dreams is suitable for all types of events including festivals, corporate/company days and parties – and better yet, they will come to you.


A unique platform like this is difficult to promote. VR services are relatively new –  especially to Darwin. When you have new technology it only makes sense to promote your services on a new platform -cue CanYa.

We love to promote unique providers at CanYa, and we couldn’t resist asking Tree of Dreams to feature  at our recent Casuarina Shopping Centre event. It was a hit with the locals!


There’s nothing quite like the VR experience – it’s something you have to experience to be able to desribe. Tree of Dreams brings the entire experience to your doorstep. The staff that run the service are super passionate and will be there to help you through the entire process.


You can book Tree of Dream at any time. If you’ve spotted their setup during the day and been impressed – you’d be blown away by how the tree looks at night. Check it out!


By now you’ll be biting at the bit to try this out. Here’s how to book:

  • Open up the CanYa app (download here if you don’t already have it!)
  • Scroll down to the VR Services category – you’ll soon find Tree of Dreams
  • Request a quote straight away,  contact them via in-app Chat, or if you prefer you can call them for free using CanYa’s HD VOIP

There’s nothing virtual about that smile!