Wedding photographers, an essential for any couple to be!

Got a special event coming up and need someone to capture it? Look no further!

Nothing can really beat an amazing photo, especially if it captures friends, family and special events. These days you need more than just a selfie stick, someone who is familiar with adobe photoshop is kinda a must! So look no further!



Let me introduce you to Navin and his supreme ability to capture very intimate moments.



Quite clearly you can see from these photos that you cannot find a higher quality man (or camera?) for the job!



Navin specialises in weddings, portfolio shoots, modelling and believe it or not, sports photography.

Navin; available for all types of weddings!

You only get one chance at a good photographer on your wedding day!

Forget the amateurs, hire a pro instead! If you’re in Darwin, hire Navin through Australia’s best app for downloading local services; CanYa. As you can see, there is absolutely nothing to worry about!

To see some more of his handy work, check out below! Or alternatively you can visit his professional website here or visit his Instagram.










Meet Darwin’s best value photographer

Do you sometimes find yourself looking through your old photos? You’re not alone. There’s nothing better than to relive those special moments, often spent with family and friends. It’s not always easy to capture these moments ourselves, so why not invest in a CanYa photographer for your next event?

Xavier Thorbjornsen is one of CanYa’s most experienced, highly rated and longest serving providers. Better yet, he’s a photographer who not only prides himself on his quality service, but on his reasonable price point, so you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for cherished photos.

Not your average selfie

“My service is special because I’m able to provide photos that have the same quality or better as a wedding photographer – but for half the price.” 

And he has the reviews to back it up, with 5-star ratings across the board.

Danis Marah: “Highly recommend this guy. He did exactly as he said he would, within the stated time frame. Excellent” – 5 stars

Marcel Brewster: “Great job, easy to talk to and good quality work” – 5 stars

A Xavier Thorbjornsen original

To see more of Xavier’s work, visit Xavier Thorbjornsen Photography.

Book Xavier today

  1. Open the CanYa app on your phone – or download if you don’t already have it
  2. Search for ‘Xavier Thorbjornsen’ or look for his in the Photography category
  3. Chat/call him for free using CanYa’s free chat/call service – or book him on the spot
  4. Let Xavier capture your life experiences!