Announcing a $2m CAN Token Buy Back

CanYa announces a $2m token buy back

$CAN Token opportunity

With the recent dip in the broader crypto market, the CanYa team is making most of the opportunity to purchase CAN off the open market. CAN tokens will be allocated towards scaling the CanYa and Bountysource projects. CanYa is buying up to $2M AUD worth of tokens off the market.

CanYa has made the decision to purchase CAN on the open market for the purpose of investing in CanYa projects. At today’s prices, we can best purchase and re-deploy CAN towards CanYa and Bountysource.

The CanYa Team is focused on the long-term success of the CanYaCoin through both of the use cases of CanYa and the Bountysource platforms. With Bountysource’s crypto integration and the CanYa 2.0 platform being released over the coming months, the utility of CanYaCoin is set to increase rapidly.

Development Update: Releases Coming Soon


Both CanYa 2.0 and the Bountysource platforms will soon integrate CAN as a payment options for all transaction with the pending release of product version updates. 

We are slightly ahead of our scheduled development and are already approaching a public release of our ‘pre-Alpha’ CanYa web app.

Expanding Team

The CanYa and Bountysource teams have been rapidly expanding to support product development and community growth. The team has doubled in size across projects, to support development, marketing, and community management functions around the world. We have enthusiastic and motivated community managers from numerous countries approaching us daily to join team CanYa!

The Bountysource platform has a brand-new team that have just spent the last week in Malaysia to plan out the project with Bountysource’s new Project Lead, new UX/UI designers and refreshed suite of talented developers.

To demonstrate the teams faith in the CAN token, staff are opting to be rewarded in CAN tokens. The CAN token buy back is an excellent opportunity to purchase tokens to allocate towards staff resources for the coming years.

This CAN will be allocated towards team rewards across marketing, operations and development resources over the next 12 – 24 months.

The purchase of up to $2m (AUD) of $CAN from the open-market will start today, and continue to occur over the coming weeks, as dictated by the market opportunity.

CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services