CanYa Awards AidCoin 100,000CAN as Inaugural Charity Vote Winners.

CanYa Community Charity Vote

We are incredibly excited to announce that AidCoin is the inaugural winner of the community voted CanYa Community Charity Vote.

As outlined in the CanYaCoin Asset Contract, we will donate 10% of the unsold tokens from our ICO to a charity poolThe charity pool is intended to go towards charitable organisations, to support for-purpose projects in the Web3 space, and to contribute to education in software development to support the growth of the blockchain and Web3 projects.

CanYa as an organisation believes in the pay-it-forward concept. As per the whiteapaper, 10% of all CanYa revenue goes to our charity pool via the asset contract.


AidCoin is a tremendous project that believes in creating transparency towards donations to charitable organisations.  In some ways, it is fitting that our first donation is towards a company that is building a more transparent donating environment.

The AidCoin solution is very important due to the social distrust with the allocation of charitable funds in recent times.  Charities have a tremendous role to play in the improvement of the most vulnerable, but it will only be a viable method if people can be assured that their money is getting to the places and causes it was intended to go.

We are delighted to help power the AIDChain platform as it aims to make the nonprofit sector more transparent.

Allocation of funds

The funds will be sent to AidCoin in batches over the coming four months. AidCoin has a number of  exciting partnerships being announced in the near future. We will therefore allow our CanYa HODL club members to vote where the CanYa tokens are to be sent in line with the new charity partnership announcements!

CanYa HODL Airdrop

Moving Forward

CanYa will continue to donate to projects, as voted by our community, on projects that we believe are creating positive change within the blockchain ecosystem.  We encourage as many members of our community to vote so that we can best represent the interests of those that support the CanYa project.  Keep your eyes peeled for details about future Charity allocations or send us a note at for more information on this initiative.

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CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services

Lykke lists CanYaCoin (CAN) on the Lykke Exchange

CanYaCoin included on Lykke Exchange

Zurich, Switzerland | February 22, 2018 — Lykke, a FinTech company building a regulated, blockchain-based global marketplace, and CanYa, the world’s first blockchain-based services platform, have added the CanYaCoin token to the list of tradable assets on the Lykke Exchange.

The CAN token became available for trade on February 13, 2018.

CanYaCoin is on Lykke exchange right now


“CanYa is poised to disrupt global service industries providing a trust-less, decentralised payment method for services rendered promotes the fair exchange of value. And if CanYa’s service providers would like to exchange their payment of CAN tokens for fiat currencies or other crypto investments, they’ll find a welcoming place among friends on our platform. All of us here are excited by the possibilities.”

Richard Olsen, Lykke founder and CEO.


“We’re proud to be partnering with a reputable FX trading platform like Lykke and to continue to prove the value of the CanYa project by making it tradable on global marketplaces.”

John-Paul Thorbjornsen, CEO and Co-Founder of CanYa

CanYa Charity Pool

CanYa and Lykke are set to deepen their collaboration in the coming months.  The next step in this collaboration will include CanYa including the Lykke TREE sustainability coin into the HODL Club community vote to determine where $100,000CAN of the CanYaCoin Charity Pool will be donated.


About Lykke Group

Lykke is building a secure, fully regulated, blockchain-based global marketplace for the exchange of all financial assets. Founded by Richard Olsen, and encouraging participation from all users, the Lykke Exchange levels the financial playing field through direct ownership of assets and immediate settlement of trades.

For more information, visit

Lykke Wallet that will integrate CanYaCoin

About CanYa

CanYa is the world’s first blockchain-based platform for services. CanYa brings the benefits of crypto-payments and the blockchain to a digital services marketplace, offering a cheaper and more transparent experience for providers and users.

CanYa 2.0 that will include payment and reviews

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CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services

Final audit complete – tokens sent to the asset contract!

It’s burn time!

As outlined in the CanYa Whitepaper, all unsold tokens from the ICO have been sent to the CanYa Asset contract as per the below distribution:

The CanYaCoin Asset contract leads to 10% going to charity, 30% going to the CanYa Community, 30% going to CanYa and 30% being burned forever

This process has now been completed and the unsold tokens have been sent to the asset contract at 15:49 31st January (Melbourne, AEDT time).


Below is a breakdown of the final count of the CAN tokens:


The Asset Contract:

As per the whitepaper and diagram above 13.91m unsold tokens were sent to the CanYa Asset Contract of which:

  • 30% were sent to the CanYa Rewards Pool to incentivise growth for the platform
  • 30% were sent to CanYa for salaries, marketing and ops costs
  • 30% were burnt forever
  • 10% have been sent to the CanYa Charity Pool

This it now looks like this:


Burn baby burn 🔥


As promised, 30% of our unsold tokens have been burnt forever. As you can see in the above token distribution this equates to 4.173m CAN being torched into the history books. This was done by sending them to the address with ‘dEaD’ at the end.

This will bring the overall total supply down to 95,827,000 CAN tokens.


The charity pool of just under 1.4m CAN tokens will be disseminated over the next few months.


A large portion will go to Giveth the decentralised charity founded by Griff Green who also is a founder of the White Hat Group. We will also run some community competitions so our awesome CanYa community can nominate and vote on some worthy charities!

Final words

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the CanYa ICO. Now that the token distribution and burn has been completed the future token economics will be much clearer.

The team will now continue to focus on building the amazing CanYa services platform for the world to use!

The CanYa 2.0 platform will include features like the CanYaCall and more

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CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services

CanYa & Giveth – Official Partnership

CanYa & Giveth – Official Partnership

Giveth – a favourite of the CanYa Team – are bringing community, transparency and accountability to charitable donations and strongly innovating in a much needed space.

Giveth is a platform founded by Griff Green that is backed by a driven and expanding team. Giveth looks to bring more legitimacy to charitable donations by using smart contracts and the Ethereum network to create accountability for charitable donations.

5% donated to charity app

With a Giveth & CanYa partnership, users can donate directly to the people who work to make a difference. Using Giveth you can follow your donation all the way though it’s journey to see exactly where it’s going, to ensure they go to places you approve. Donations can even be dependent on milestones, using Giveth’s milestone payout structure

Giveth’s vision is something the team at CanYa truly admires. With CanYa connecting consumers and providers with a 1% fee, it is only right to give people to option to pay it forward and Giveth is the perfect fit.

CanYa Integration

CanYa plans to fully integrate Giveth into the CanYa platform. This will allow both providers and customers the ability to directly contribute to a charitable campaign of their choosing, while knowing exactly how their donations are being used and the people using it. This will give an incentive for customers to choose providers that best suit their values and providers to contribute to charities as a marketing tool.

An example:

A provider could advertise that 5% of their bill goes to charity (or a user could choose to add 5% to their bill to donate to charity) transparently using Giveth.


In practice this feature will just look like another one of our payment options, meaning that users and service providers could select to be paid 50% in AUD, 30% in ETH, 15% in CAN token and have 5% donated to a chosen charity.

We believe this is a fantastic feature, as we want to put an incentive for users to pay it forward and it fits perfectly with the values of the CanYa team and wider CanYa Community.

CanYa Charity Pool

CanYa has also changed it’s Asset Contract so that 10% is allocated to the Charity Pool!

The CanYa Asset Contract escrows the CAN for disbursement to selected charities, of which Giveth is the first. This will mean our asset contract (Page 20 of CanYaCoin Whitepaper) now shows 30% of platform fees being sent to our rewards pool, 30% to CanYa and 30% of fees will be burnt forever.

Asset contract for CanYa
Asset contract – Page 20 in whitepaper

This will ensure as user adoption increases Giveth will receive an increasing supply of CAN to help make the world a better place!

Like the sounds of CanYa?

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CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services