CanYa & Indorse – Official Partnership


Indorse is a decentralised professional social network that leverages ethereum technology to allow users to retain, control and monetise their own data if they want. More importantly Indorse are building an anonymous indorsement protocol that allows users to make claims about their skills, and be ‘indorsed‘ or verified by other platform members.

CanYa announces the official partnership with Indorse

‘Indorsement’ results in platform users establishing skills on their profile that has been unquestionably verified as correct through crowd-based consensus. CanYa plans to integrate this key feature to allow CanYa providers show off their crowd-verified skills, which removes the need for CanYa to centrally curate and vet these skills.

CanYa is continually evolving and utilising the latest technology, like the iPhone X

Quick History

Indorse have just completed their ICO, raising $9m (USD) in early September 2017. The team have an extensive background in cryptocurrencies, and are lead by David Moskowitz. David is CEO of Attores, an educational institute that issues certificates and diplomas on the blockchain, and has previously built and sold a bitcoin exchange.

CanYa is partnering with Indorse and David Moskowitz is the CEO and Co-Founder

Unique Features

Indorse users can request endorsements of platform influencers for a fee (paid to them), or elect to have random users be selected to verify their skills. Random users are given a set time period to complete the verification, and they can respond in any manner. Malicious users are penalised if they act in clear polarisation to the consensus.

CanYa is partnering with Indorse to leverage the power of the blockchain

CanYa Integration

CanYa currently hosts many service providers who already elect to add their skillslicences and qualifications. Currently, the CanYa team manually and individually vets each licence submission. With Indorse, these skills and licenses can be pushed out to the Indorse community to verify, which will accelerate the Decentralisation Roadmap.

CanYa is the world's first P2P services marketplace that is available on Apple iOS Macbook and other computers

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CanYa is going to revolutionise crypto adoption

2017 – Year of the ICO

2017 has so far been the year of the ICO with over $2.2 BILLION raised amongst 149 ICOs (at the time of writing). While this is great for crypto-coin investors and speculators; so many of these coins will never reach the mainstream adoption they proffer. The team at CanYa is acutely aware of this and have created a functional platform that will truly accelerate cryptocurrencies into every day use.

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.
The fully functional CanYa platform

There are currently three major factors inhibiting mainstream use and adoption:

  1. Price Volatility
  2. HODLing
  3. Ease of use

CanYa will address all three of these issues with it’s CAN token.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 5.15.52 pm
Source: The Next Web

Any crypto currency investor knows the all too familiar emotional rollercoaster that comes with investing in tokens. Although it can be equally fun and terrifying, if you’re an investor it’s hardly sustainable; especially if you are to use these tokens for everyday goods and services. This is especially relevant for CanYa‘s service providers. A plumber or app designer may take weeks to complete a job which is long enough to have their payment worth half or less of what was originally agreed on.

The team have solved this with the ingenious ‘hedge contract‘. This contract is automatically generated and ensures an immutable value for the work performed by CanYa’s service providers.

The hedged escrow contract

CanYa provides a hedged escrow smart contract to ensure that both the user and provider get what they paid for

This is a fundamental shift for crypto currency platforms. There is now no risk of price fluctuation for customers or service providers. The CAN token now gives all the benefits of a crypto token (instant payment, security, no fees) while avoiding one of the most fundamental flaws; volatility!


If you haven’t read this now famous and hilarious post from GameKyuubi back in 2013 then you probably should (BTW if he did HODL he’s probably rich now). Although this phenomenon can’t be attributed solely to him it surmises a market psychology that further inhibits mainstream adoption of crypto currencies.

HODLers are so worried about missing out on potential gains that they are unwilling to spend their tokens. Tokens are now more instruments of speculation than utility. William Mougayer wrote about this HODL phenomenon recently.

CanYa will also alleviate this issue. Although the team is confident that the CAN token will be in constant demand though both our hedged escrow contract and our asset contract, More detail. The platform also encourages the use of it’s tokens and other cryptocurrencies in general. It does this through a number of measures; CanYa providers pay CAN tokens to promote their profile and also pay 1% on all transactions. These tokens go to the asset contract. The asset contract then disseminates these tokens to the CanYa platform and users via:

  • Referral rewards
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Transaction cash backs
  • Referral based commission payments

You can read more about each of these in the CanYaCoin whitepaper. However, they all reward users with CAN tokens through activity in the app. This reduces the incentive to HODL over using the tokens for what they were meant for; paying for the best service providers to complete any job, anywhere in the world.

Ease of Use

Unfortunately signs such as the one above are few and far between. For the average person it is much harder to pay for everyday goods and services with crypto currency than with traditional fiat. CanYa (with the help of the CanYaCoin) will change this!

CanYa will easily convert cryptocurrencies to the CAN token in-app. CAN tokens can then be used to pay for (or get paid for) any service, anywhere in the world. The CanYa team are also currently in talks with a number of future partners such that these tokens can then be used to pay for goods or services outside of those provided in CanYa (follow our partnership announcements on the CanYaCoin Telegram Channel).

CanYa is powered by the CanYaCoin and they are bridging the gap between the crypto-community and the general public
CanYaCoin makes cryptocurrency much more accessible to the general public

Think a crypto-based VISA credit card that is synced to your CanYa account. You can be paid for your services instantly and then spend those CAN tokens on anything you may choose to without ever having to convert or exchange any currencies.

This can all be done on a free to download app that has all of the following features:

  • Reviewed, information rich provider profiles
  • Multi-user job bookings
  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Media rich in-app messaging
  • In-app calling
  • Free and instant quoting

To download CanYa for free today, just head to you app store and search “CanYa”.


By addressing these three key crypto currency shortfalls CanYa is a game changer for mass crypto adoption. To find out more about CanYa and it’s upcoming ICO head to to the CanYa Live ICO:

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CanYa at the Dash Conference 2017


Dash is a cryptocurrency pitched as being ‘digital cash‘; originally known as DarkCoin (or XCoin). With many unique features, a revenue stream, a working governance system and a quickly growing user-base, we think that Dash will see quick adoption. CEO Ryan Taylor invited the CanYa team to their keynote in London, and we were very impressed with what we saw.

CanYaCoin will power the CanYa services platform and we a partnership with Dash, the platform will become more versatile.


Quick History

Dash was first proposed by Evan Duffield in 2012 and the protocol was realised shortly thereafter (a detailed roadmap explanation from Evan can be found here). Dash was not pre-mined and there was no ICO. Instead, coins are minted in every block similarly to Bitcoin. The Genesis block was created in January, 2014 and the first transactions were made.

Dash had a long period of stability but since February have experienced exponential growth. This is in part due to their master-node system where those who host master nodes are able to choose and where Dash funds are spent and which direction the platform takes.

Dash will be partnering with CanYaCoin the CAN token

Unique Features

Dash is powered by unique features such as PrivateSend (for privacy) and InstantSend (for speed).

CanYa is the world's first services platform for local and digital services and is powered by CanYaCoin to allow for cryptocurrency integration

Privacy works through a mixer, where a number of similar transactions are mixed to obfuscate transaction origin. Although privacy is not built into the protocol layer (like Monero with ring cryptography or ZCash with zero-knowledge proofs – zk-SNARK), Dash’s privacy works well and provides another level of privacy for it’s users.

InstantSend is another exciting feature, where transactions can be confirmed in under 3 seconds, through a randomised master-node voting system. Master-nodes are picked at random and asked to quickly confirm transactions, which they will do honestly as master-nodes are incentivised to be honest.

Governance & Revenue Stream

Dash’s governance system works well, and it is partly due to this and its revenue stream that gives the currency so much potential. Master-nodes stake 1000 Dash and earn revenue from block rewards (45%).

CanYa and Dash will both be powered by the decentralised blockchain

In return, master-nodes vote on Dash Improvement Proposals (DIP). DIPs are submitted by the community and dictate where the Dash Core revenue (10% of block rewards) is spent. Protocol improvements, Dash Core team funding, partnerships, marketing campaigns and more. As a result, the Dash Platform is well-funded and self-supporting.

CanYa Integration

The CanYa team is excited about Dash and will work with the Dash team on integration into the CanYa platform.

This will add benefit to both the Dash ecosystem by allowing Dash holders to instantly transact their Dash into real world services, as well as the CanYa community by giving them more options to pay for services and exposing them to the benefits of Dash.

Integrations like Dash and CanYa are just the start – and will need many more to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.

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CanYaCoin – Competition or Cooperation?

Competition or Cooperation?

CanYaCoin powers CanYathe world’s first cryptocurrency-based autonomous marketplace of services. The struggle with the crypto-community these days, is trying to work out which ones will be around in 5-10 years? The secret to success is working out which ones will be complimentary or which will be supplementary; that is to say, which new ICOs will be competition with BTC, ETH or XMR and which will be in cooperation?

CanYaCoin is an ICO that is complimentary and will not be competing against BTC, ETH, XMR or any other cryptocurrency. The CanYa platform, through the CanYaCoin cryptocurrency payment integration, will actually support and encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies! The Ethereum ERC20-based token – CanYaCoin – will bridge the gap between the general skilled public and the wider crypto-community.

CanYa will bridge the gap between the crypto community and the general public. The escrow account will be hedged to ensure you get the a value for money

CanYaCoin encouraging mainstream adoption of crypto

CanYa is a platform where local and digital service providers can get found, get booked and get paid; and conversely, where the general public can find, book, pay and review skilled providers. To participate in this one-stop experience, cryptocurrency or traditional fiat currency will be effortlessly added to CanYa by the users and receive CanYaCoin.

CanYa is powered by CanYaCoin and this new cryptocurrency will allow you to find, book, pay and review local and digital service providers

CanYaCoin will be used to pay for services of all types within CanYa, be spent using 3rd party solutions anywhere in the world (think Monetha, Monaco etc) or withdrawn as another cryptocurrency/traditional fiat currency.

The appeal is two-fold for users of CanYa

Firstly, the CanYa platform will be a true international meritocracy for service providers of all shapes and sizes. The strengths that Ethereum smart contracts bring to the blockchain technology means CanYa will have the world’s first true services marketplace where the best providers are ranked accordingly. This peer-to-peer (P2P) curated ranking empowers customers and quality providers alike.

CanYa is the world's first true meritocracy, the best providers or biased and get the most exposure

Secondly, CanYa will be unlike any incumbent competition because the technology of the blockchain and the efficiencies of cryptocurrencies frees our payment structure from the heavy charges imposed by “trusted” 3rd party payment solutions. CanYa will only charge a 1% transaction fee (about 20x cheaper than Uber, AirBnB or any existing services platform) and allows for instant, trusted and immutable payments all over the world.

CanYa in the real world

Imagine someone in Queensland (Australia) downloading CanYa for free and through the unbiased ranking system, finds the best app developer in the world is in Hyderabad (India). The user can peruse the provider’s profile, check previous reviews, communicate in-app and get a quote in a few seconds. Once the work is completed, the smart contract is finalised and the payment is made with next to no fees for either party – an autonomous marketplace of skills is born!

The world gig economy will finally be accessible with the CanYa platform; powered by the CanYaCoin.

Now imagine a Venezuelan plumber who is concerned about his countries sky-rocketing inflation and currency volatility. He brings his existing clients over to CanYa so that all payments can be paid with CanYaCoin and he can be protected from currency volatility. The hedged escrow smart contracts ensures that the plumber earns a guaranteed price for his work and CanYaCoin reduces the fees his would normally pay with an existing 3rd party fiat payment system on BitCoin in isolation.

Scenarios aside, CanYa will finally bridge the gap between the general public and the crypto-community. Early BTC and crypto investors have a fortune of value that is largely trapped in cryptocurrency. Many don’t want to convert back into fiat currencies but these are real people with real-life problems. CanYaCoin will power the CanYa platform to make it easy for the crypto-community to access skilled local and digital service providers. How about a new deck on the house with your crypto profits? The possibilities are endless.

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CanYaCoin – An ICO with a mature product, not a hopeful idea

Hello world!

Today the CanYa team is excited to introduce our P2P marketplace of skilled services to the cryptocurrency community, and to share our vision of a decentralised marketplace where services can instantly be exchanged for cryptocurrency or fiat. 

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.Unlike most projects in the ICO space, CanYa already has a revenue generating product. The CanYa app is available on the app store (currently only in Australia), google play store and online, and has processed over a thousand P2P jobs since it’s soft launch earlier this year. CanYa is now moving towards the next stage in it’s launch, an Initial Coin Offering to power international growth and to move from a centralised Australian dollar based solution to a decentralised multi-currency solution.

Providing a decentralised P2P marketplace for the sharing economy

The CanYa team is convinced that decentralisation (and the technology behind Ethereum specifically) is going to revolutionise the current economy. For this reason we’re launching the CanYaCoin (CAN) token and moving our platform to an autonomous set of smart contracts that will replace the current centralised system.

A decentralised and globally accepted cryptocurrency – like CAN – will allow money and skills to cross-borders and fully harness the $2tn global ‘gig economy‘. The fragmented booking process and exploitive marketplaces around the world will be disrupted by CanYaCoin.

The old job booking process is broken and expensive. The new CanYa experience is easy, clean and intuitive.

The transition of moving CanYa’s payments and operations onto the Ethereum Blockchain will allow for increased transparency, quicker settlement times and will create a truly trustless environment.

Not only will the CanYa community benefit from Ethereum; the Ethereum and cryptocurrency community will also benefit from CanYa. CanYa will act as the ultimate link between crypto and the real world allowing users to pay for local and international services with CAN instantly.

Our ICO is Live right NOW! Join our Community and get involved! CanYa Contribute!?

CanYa is a stable platform that will soon encorporate CanYaCoin so you can pay your cleaner with crypto!

The beginning of CanYa’s crypto story

Imagine a plumber in Venezuela being instantly paid in a stable currency that can be spent anywhere in the world without the fear of suffering from crippling over-inflation. Imagine a Russian technology company finding the best app developers in India and paying them with no international currency fees or excessive conversion charges. CanYaCoin will make the services marketplace truly global but it all starts with an ICO.

CanYa will be having it’s pre-sale during the month of October. The pre-sale is restricted with a hard cap of 3780 ETH. This small initial offering will be offered at a discount and will allow us to ramp up operations to an international audience. The pre-sale will also give the CanYa team an opportunity to expand before going into the primary ICO which will be approximately one month after the pre-sale.

We are looking to build our community from both sides of the table – from those who are interested in using CanYa in the growing sharing economy and those who are interested in turning their cryptocurrency profits into real world services.

CanYa is the best place to book home services, CanYaCoin makes it even easier

The CanYa Community

CanYa already has a strong community of early adopters behind it from beta-testing and real world operation. If you would like to find out more about CanYaCoin then the first stop must be is the best place to have an in-depth look at our Whitepaper, our team and our product! 

Come and get involved with the CanYa community, we’d love to hear your ideas and comments; plus shortly these ideas and comments will be rewarded through our community bounty program.

Stay up to date with CanYa announcements!

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