Treat your mum this Mother’s Day!

It is almost Mother’s Day again (it is Sunday, 14th of May this year; if you didn’t know) and it’s time to work out what you are going to do for her. This is the one day of the year where it is all about mothers; the women that have accomplished so much!

Baby Playing with mum's face

So how do you thank her for everything? Well that might not be possible in one day but here are some of the better options to get started…

Breakfast in bed

Why not combine two of the best things – food and bed!

Lets be honest, how good is breakfast in bed?!

If you live at home (or even nearby) you should get up an hour early and surprise your special lady with breakky in bed! Some of the easier options are:

For some more awesome ideas or recipes for the above check out this helpful link for breakfast in bed.

Help around the house

Any great mum will definitely appreciate you helping out around the house so she can simply just relax on Mother’s Day. The gesture alone will show her how much you love and appreciate all she does for you. If you are too busy to head over to do the ground work yourself, why not hire a local provider to do it for you?

Home Cleaner
Give your mum the day off and hire a local cleaner to come help out

CanYa is the easiest way to hire local service providers; you could get a cleaner for the house/car, a gardener, a babysitter, a handyman or any other trade that she might need to help her out!

Wouldn’t hiring a local provider be too expensive?

Saving mum a couple of hours cleaning on Mother’s Day could be as cheap as $20/hour; just check out one of your local cleaners right here. CanYa is making it even easier to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day; for every job that is booked directly for your lucky lady in the week leading up to Mother’s Day, CanYa will pay for $30 of it! 

Mum Relaxing
Let mum relax this Mother’s Day by getting some help around the house

All you need to do to is to jump onto the CanYa Facebook page and comment “BOOKED” under our Mother’s Day promotion and we will give you $30 off your job! But HURRY, it is only available for the first 10 people booking jobs!

High Tea

High tea is the perfect mix of time with the family and delicious foods. Expect your food to be presented to you on a 3-tiered platter, with such delights as scones, biscuits, savoury bites and little sandwiches. Have a look around and you will find heaps of places offer high tea for Mother’s Day. It is definitely advised to booked ahead as they are crazy busy on Mother’s Day!

High Tea
You get to eat the food pyramid!

Buy her a gift

This is the easiest and most common way to show you care for her and are thinking about her. You might already know that she wants something or you can check out this link on some great gift ideas for mum.

Mother's Day Present
Give your mum a small token of your appreciation!

If you are going to get her a gift, make sure you remember to get her a card; mothers love cards (for some reason)!


If you are living away or cannot be there for her on Mother’s Day then you could always send her flowers – pool the money from all the siblings if you have to. A nice bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day will make mum feel loved and put a smile on her face all day long!

Treat your mum to some flowers this Mother’s Day

The most important thing?

Just remember that Mother’s Day is all about mum! You should be making her life easier wherever you can and making sure that she feels loved. The ideas above are just the start, why not do all of them?

Think of all the things your lovely mum does for you, I think you’d agree that all of the above wouldn’t even come close to paying her back!

Also, a hug goes a long way!



“Don’t Harm the Palm!”

Stephen Tobin is one of CanYa’s arborists – or in more common terms a ‘tree surgeon‘.  He manages, maintains and cares for trees. Stephen is pretty handy around the garden, and along with tree-whispering can help with:

  • Weeding
  • Hedge trimming
  • Lawn mowing
  • Gutter clearing

As our provider of the week, we checked in with Stephen to get his top arborist/gardening tips.

CanYa’s Provider of the Week: Stephen Tobin

1. Don’t harm the palm

Stephen has been in the tree game for going on four years. One of the more memorable jobs – or challenges – as it turned out, was convincing a client to keep a neglected old palm tree. Originally he was called in to pull out the tree, but after a bit of back and forth Stephen managed to get her to agree to rejuvenating it instead. After some TLC, the tree stands tall and proud as the main feature of the garden. Working with what you’ve got often has stunning results. In the mood for more old trees? Check them out here.

2. Keep the customer happy

In his time as a service provider, the most important service Stephen offers is satisfaction. Stephen says he isn’t happy with his work, until the customer is. He does this by carefully consulting with his customers before, during and after the work is completed. He is happy to tweak and fix his work until the desired look is achieved. This of course includes making sure the site is spick and span before he leaves. Big tick!


3. License to arbor

What do you get when you add height, power tools and all sorts of weather conditions? A OH&S nightmare! But don’t worry, Stephen comes fully prepared for the dangers of his work, and has all the right tickets. Including:

  • Heavy Vehicle license
  • Work safely at heights card
  • License to perform high risk work
  • License to operate and maintain a chainsaw
  • White card
021-2Image source:

Book Stephen today

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