🎊 CanYa Announces Referral Leaderboard Winners! 🎊

CanYaCoin ICO Referral Leaderboard

Wow! It has been an incredible few months for the CanYa team and all of our ICO contributors. Thank-you to everyone who has supported CanYa in Australia’s second largest ICO.

CanYa now has Australia’s largest and most active Telegram community, and the support of the community is overwhelming! We’ve distributed over 32 million CAN to our community that participated in the CanYaCoin ICO and more as getting sent today to reward our highest referrers!

While we will still maintain our wonderful Telegram channel community, we’ve also created a Discord channel for more focused and engaged community discussions, and to keep up with your hunger for interaction with the team. 

Join the CanYaCoin Discord Channel to keep in touch on all fronts.


Referral Program

During the ICO we had an extremely active referral program with over 770 individual referrals. We rewarded all of those who have spread the good word about CanYa (by sharing their referral code) with a 5% bonus from their referrals contribution amount!

Now all that is left is to announce the winners… So, here they are:


Congratulations to the Winners!

To our winners above, your CAN has already been dispatched to the ETH address you used to participate in the CAN ICO. The top 3 winners will be contacted so that we can send them their very own CanYa Ledger Nano S!

CanYa is releasing a limit edition CanYaCoin Ledger Nano S to support our growing community
The CanYa Ledger Nano S

Thanks again to everyone that participated in the referral program and contributed to the CanYa ICO! The team looks forward to keeping in touch on Telegram and Discord as we continue to keep you up-to-date on our progress. We run regular competitions for more CAN or our coveted CanYa Ledgers, so make sure you participate!

CanYa Brand refresh to keep in clean and crisp

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CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services


CanYa adds two world class advisors to our board


CanYa announces Power Ledger & Bluzelle board member and leading crypto legal expert as new advisors. Sebastian Quinn Watson and Michael Bacina are joining the CanYa Advisory Board and will help us achieve our ambitious roadmap!

About Sebastian:


Sebastian is a board member of Power Ledger and Bluzelle. He is also a US-based partner at Blockchain global and a qualified lawyer. 

Seb is coming on board to create value for CanYa in a number of areas.

Sebastian provides value to CanYa with:

  • Business and token strategy
  • Investor and community engagement
  • Exchange negotiations

Sebastian only provides advisory for a small number of projects that show immense potential. Having Seb on board with CanYa is a huge tick of approval for the project, the token and the broader CanYa community.

“I am delighted to be joining the board of another of Australia’s world leading blockchain companies. It is a leading decentralised company with a strong ethos of social responsibility. I am excited to continue to expand the CanYa platform internationally with leading corporate and blockchain companies.”

Sebastian Quinn Watson

About Michael: 

CanYa_Michael_BacinaMichael heads the Piper Alderman Cryptocurrency and Blockchain group. This group is one of the leading crypto and ICO regulatory organisations in the world.

Michael is a former developer turned lawyer with over 11 years of experience in leading Australian and Canadian law firms. He advises in a number of areas to ensure CanYa’s legal compliance

“Distributed ledger technology is changing the world. Initial Coin Offerings have created new ways for innovative businesses to raise significant amounts of funding very quickly. Taxation, privacy, anti-money laundering, corporate structuring and other regulatory changes all intersect around this new technology. As a former software developer I enjoy the both the technical details of cryptocurrency as well as the regulatory challenges.”

“The whole CanYa team worked really hard to run their ICO and to comply with the regulatory landscape. The CanYa team and advisors deserve every congratulation for achieving the second most successful ICO in Australian history.”

Michael Bacina

Further Piper Alderman has recently announced, effective December 2017, that they will be the first major Australian law firm to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for legal services.

CanYa is proud to be the first to take advantage of this offer and has already starting paying for our legal services with BitCoin!

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CanYaCoin is the cryptocurrency ERC20 token that powers the CanYa Platform, the world's best blockchain powered P2P marketplace for services