Coinomi & CanYa – CAN ICO made easy

Supporting the CanYaCoin ICO

In order to provide the best experience for the CanYa community, the CAN ICO needs to be supported a wide range of platforms. The CanYa Team continually evaluates numerous wallets to assess which of them would provide the most value to CanYa and the CanYa Community.

By partnering with reputable and well-known platforms, CanYa will ensure that the community has a great user experience in the CAN ICO as well as convenient options for storing your CAN tokens.


CanYa and Coinomi

CanYa is pleased to announce we are in partnership with Coinomi to provide you access to your CanYaCoins (CAN) directly through the Coinomi application (Coinomi only available on Android devices on at the moment). Coinomi has a lot to offer!

1) Convert your cryptocurrency into Ethereum

Coinomi has Shapeshift and Changelly directly integrated into the app! This provides a very convenient ability to exchange your coins and tokens safely within the wallet (no need to waste fees sending it too and from an exchange).


2) Send Ethereum to CanYa ICO within application

Coinomi makes contributing to the CanYaCoin ICO even easier! Simply open the app and you will find a CanYaCoin ICO banner on the Coinomi app; from here you can directly contribute into the CAN ICO (without needing to leave the Coinomi app!)


CanYa is a dynamic project and keeping the entire CanYa Community informed is difficult. To stay up to date with all announcements and updates, email with your Coinomi ETH wallet address and we will ensure you’re kept informed.

Reminder: CanYa has strict KYC requirements for contributions greater than 10 ETH. Please head to (if you have participated with more than 10ETH) to get verified; we will not dispatch your CAN if you do not KYC before 01 JAN 18.

3) Access your CAN tokens directly in Coinomi

The CAN ICO is active until sold out or 30 days after it became available to the public (27 December 2017 at 0000GMT). Once concluded, all contributions will be audited (for compliance) and then all CAN tokens will be distributed. Many platforms will require extra steps (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask etc) but with Coinomi, they will be visible will no extra effort!


CanYa Advisory Role – CEO of Coinomi

The partnership between CanYa and Coinomi has many tangible benefits. In addition to those listed above, we are also pleased to welcome George Kimionis (CEO of Coinomi) into our Advisory Board. George brings on his wealth of experience in cryptocurrency, wallet integration and business acumen to our the CanYa Ecosystem.

Keen on CanYaCoin and the CAN ICO?

Head to and participate now!


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CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services


CAN ICO – Important Update #2

Since the pre-sale in mid October 2017, the CanYa team have been working furiously to deliver the promised CanYa platform in line with our road map. The team has been able to form a number of high level partnerships with some of the best blockchain platforms on the market today.


These partnerships include the Trust Wallet, Digix, Indorse, Madana & Qiibee. Working and integrating with these platforms will significantly reduce our development costs and increase our viral marketing capability.

CAN ICO – Only raising the ETH we actually need!

With the strategic partnerships that we have gained, our post-ICO costs have been significantly reduced; we can simply integrate the existing partner technology/platforms and not develop them ourselves.

Additionally, the Ether price has increased significantly since August and we need commensurately less Ether to roll out our roadmap.

Because of these savings, an increased Ether price and ongoing engagement with the CanYa community, we have reconsidered how much ETH we truly need to raise and have decided to halve the public sale ETH amount.

We will do this by doubling the ETH:CAN conversion for all pre-sale/ICO participants.

  • All existing CAN ICO participants with simply get their amount of CAN doubled (via an airdrop of CAN tokens – everyone will be emailed to coordinate the remaining disbursement at when the ICO concludes)
  • All future CAN ICO participants will get twice as much bang for their buck!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 4.45.36 pm

To burn or to ice unsold tokens?

We have an incredibly engaged CanYaCoin Community that are encouraged to ask us the hard questions. We pride ourselves on continually assessing the cryptocurrency landscape and changing ICO environment and we want to maintain as progressive as possible. Our community kept asking us what we were going to do with unsold CAN tokens, so our answer is as follows.


All unsold public sale tokens will go to the asset contract. The details of the Asset Contract can be found on page 18 of the CanYaCoin Whitepaper but fundamentally, all unsold tokens will be distributed into the CanYa ecosystem via our Asset Contract.
CanYa asset contract
  • 30% of CAN tokens will go back to the community (via the Rewards Pool)
  • 30% will go back to CanYa (to be ‘iced‘)
  • 30% will be burnt forever
  • The final 10% will go to the CanYa charity pool! Redistribute platform fees to those most in need.

U.S. Citizens?

As much as we would like to include the entire crypto-community in the CAN ICO, we have been advised by our legal teams (both in Australia and USA) that we cannot allow participation from U.S citizens unless they qualify as ‘accredited investors‘.


Guidance on U.S Accredited Investors can be found at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website. There are reputable legal entities like (or similar) that will provide evidence of your Accredited Investor status.

All U.S. IP address will be blocked on our CAN ICO sale page except for the approved Accredited Investors that were whitelisted by the Support Team. Apply to be recognised as a U.S Accredited Investor at


The latest update the to CanYaCoin KYC can be found at ‘Important update to our KYC‘.


Participation of 10ETH or less will not require KYC. This will remove a huge barrier of participation for the everyday CanYa supporter whilst still allowing us to protect the integrity of the CAN ICO by KYC verifying participants with larger amounts of ETH.


Instructional Guides

Participating in an Initial Coin Offering is daunting for your first time and can feel like the Wild West. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for our Community by creating instructional (how-to) guides.


If there is something that is not covered well enough in these guides or you have any doubts, please reach out to our community and team on the CanYaCoin Community Telegram Channel.

Dolphin Tier

The CanYa Dolphin Tier will remain live until the CAN ICO public sale begins on 26 November 2017. To capitalise on the 40% bonus and get immediate access to the CAN ICO, apply to become a CanYa Dolphin at

CanYaCoin Dolphin Tier

We have over 200 approved CanYa Dolphins that are already sharing the love of CanYa and participating in the CAN ICO. To see some of the successful CanYa Dolphins have a look at

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CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services

Important update to the CanYaCoin ICO #1

Our community spoke and we listened

Since the CanYa Whitepaper was first released in August 2017 – a lot has changed in the cryptocurrency landscape. The team has received heaps of feedback from community members and the new Advisory Board and we’ve decided to update the whitepaper and how the ICO will be conducted.


Know Your Customer‘ checks will be performed by CanYa for all ICO participants that contribute more than 10 ETH (EDIT: The latest KYC can be found at Important update to our KYC). This will be done for the following reasons:

1) As part of the CanYa Integrated Wallet service, we will be adding the ability for users to pay for services by credit card, and for providers to withdraw payments to their bank accounts. These fiat ‘on/off rails’ will eventually require regulated KYC/AML checks, so it is necessary we start the compliance process now.

2) There are a lot of scammy ICO projects out there, and increasingly people are finding it harder to sift through the noise. As we have a legitimate team, a legitimate product and a legitimate ICO, we will follow the example set by some of the better projects of the year, such as Kyber, Polkadot and Airswap, and include KYC.

know your customers

New ICO date: 26 November 2017

With the uncertainty surrounding both the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks with current forks, we think it is prudent to move our ICO date until after. This will give a chance to let the networks settle and reduce issues for the ICO.
You can now join the CanYa Live ICO:


Founder’s tokens are locked!

We received a lot of community feedback that we should lock the Founder’s tokens – and we agreed with all of the reasons. Our team believes firmly in the vision of the CanYaCoin and we are more than happy to oblige our community.

Our team is 100% committed to CanYa! As such, all Founder tokens will be locked in a smart contract for 12 months following the ICO. This decision was an easy one to make, our team is in this for the long haul!


Updated Bonus Structure

Our community also publicly responded that they didn’t like the 4-stage sliding structure with the bonus structures, calling for it to be flatter. The points raised were that it would draw out the ICO and ICO participants would all get different prices for the CAN tokens. The community also felt that the big bonuses early on would cause a dump after the ICO – and nobody wants that!

As such we’ve decided to flatten the structure, with only two tiers. The first tier has a small bonus and rewards participants that get in on Day 1 on the ICO. The rest of the ICO is flat. (EDIT: The latest ICO structure is available in the CanYaCoin Whitepaper)

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 4.45.36 pm

The New ‘Dolphin Tier’

Our Advisory Board also highlighted the importance of having passionate and engaged members of the CanYa community. We want to foster an inclusive culture for our community and we have decided that the Dolphin Tier will help us with this.

Essentially a large bucket of CanYaCoins will be offered at a reasonable bonus to members of the Dolphin Tier. The Dolphin Tier will be reserved for members of the community who go out of their way to promote the CanYa Community, provide engagement in chat groups, or help out the ICO in any way.

The ICO is a big team effort from all members, so we’ve decided to reward our superstar community members accordingly. We will be sharing more instructions on how to enter the new Dolphin Tier shortly.

(Why Dolphin? Because Dolphins are friendly and everyone loves dolphins 🐬🐬🐬)


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CanYaCoin is the ERC20 token that powers the CanYa platform for P2P services