CanYa is going to revolutionise crypto adoption

2017 – Year of the ICO

2017 has so far been the year of the ICO with over $2.2 BILLION raised amongst 149 ICOs (at the time of writing). While this is great for crypto-coin investors and speculators; so many of these coins will never reach the mainstream adoption they proffer. The team at CanYa is acutely aware of this and have created a functional platform that will truly accelerate cryptocurrencies into every day use.

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.
The fully functional CanYa platform

There are currently three major factors inhibiting mainstream use and adoption:

  1. Price Volatility
  2. HODLing
  3. Ease of use

CanYa will address all three of these issues with it’s CAN token.


Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 5.15.52 pm
Source: The Next Web

Any crypto currency investor knows the all too familiar emotional rollercoaster that comes with investing in tokens. Although it can be equally fun and terrifying, if you’re an investor it’s hardly sustainable; especially if you are to use these tokens for everyday goods and services. This is especially relevant for CanYa‘s service providers. A plumber or app designer may take weeks to complete a job which is long enough to have their payment worth half or less of what was originally agreed on.

The team have solved this with the ingenious ‘hedge contract‘. This contract is automatically generated and ensures an immutable value for the work performed by CanYa’s service providers.

The hedged escrow contract

CanYa provides a hedged escrow smart contract to ensure that both the user and provider get what they paid for

This is a fundamental shift for crypto currency platforms. There is now no risk of price fluctuation for customers or service providers. The CAN token now gives all the benefits of a crypto token (instant payment, security, no fees) while avoiding one of the most fundamental flaws; volatility!


If you haven’t read this now famous and hilarious post from GameKyuubi back in 2013 then you probably should (BTW if he did HODL he’s probably rich now). Although this phenomenon can’t be attributed solely to him it surmises a market psychology that further inhibits mainstream adoption of crypto currencies.

HODLers are so worried about missing out on potential gains that they are unwilling to spend their tokens. Tokens are now more instruments of speculation than utility. William Mougayer wrote about this HODL phenomenon recently.

CanYa will also alleviate this issue. Although the team is confident that the CAN token will be in constant demand though both our hedged escrow contract and our asset contract, More detail. The platform also encourages the use of it’s tokens and other cryptocurrencies in general. It does this through a number of measures; CanYa providers pay CAN tokens to promote their profile and also pay 1% on all transactions. These tokens go to the asset contract. The asset contract then disseminates these tokens to the CanYa platform and users via:

  • Referral rewards
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Transaction cash backs
  • Referral based commission payments

You can read more about each of these in the CanYaCoin whitepaper. However, they all reward users with CAN tokens through activity in the app. This reduces the incentive to HODL over using the tokens for what they were meant for; paying for the best service providers to complete any job, anywhere in the world.

Ease of Use

Unfortunately signs such as the one above are few and far between. For the average person it is much harder to pay for everyday goods and services with crypto currency than with traditional fiat. CanYa (with the help of the CanYaCoin) will change this!

CanYa will easily convert cryptocurrencies to the CAN token in-app. CAN tokens can then be used to pay for (or get paid for) any service, anywhere in the world. The CanYa team are also currently in talks with a number of future partners such that these tokens can then be used to pay for goods or services outside of those provided in CanYa (follow our partnership announcements on the CanYaCoin Telegram Channel).

CanYa is powered by the CanYaCoin and they are bridging the gap between the crypto-community and the general public
CanYaCoin makes cryptocurrency much more accessible to the general public

Think a crypto-based VISA credit card that is synced to your CanYa account. You can be paid for your services instantly and then spend those CAN tokens on anything you may choose to without ever having to convert or exchange any currencies.

This can all be done on a free to download app that has all of the following features:

  • Reviewed, information rich provider profiles
  • Multi-user job bookings
  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Media rich in-app messaging
  • In-app calling
  • Free and instant quoting

To download CanYa for free today, just head to you app store and search “CanYa”.


By addressing these three key crypto currency shortfalls CanYa is a game changer for mass crypto adoption. To find out more about CanYa and it’s upcoming ICO head to to the CanYa Live ICO:

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

CanYa's subreddit about CanYaCoin CAN


A party without a cake is just a meeting

Who remembers Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda? If you don’t remember him by name, you’ll no doubt remember him as the chubby kid who successfully demolished a massive cake as ‘punishment‘ at the hand of Miss Trunchbull. Now you remember him. Ever since I saw that cake, I’ve barely thought of anything else.

So like any good day dreamer, I’ve put together a list of the most glorious cakes I could find. What? I take my birthday very seriously.

Come on a lip-smacking journey of pure decadence.

Cake serving 101

Chocolate – a cake staple

Let’s start with the basics.

I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure eating fruit is healthy
A classic chocolate cake – light and spongy. I’ll take five.
6 layers..seems adequate for my needs.

Vanilla (ice-ice baby)

Come to the light side with these beauties.

White chocolate raspberry vanilla cake – gimme!
For the kid in all of us.


Don’t you just love it when two of your favourite things are combined? Here are some mouthwatering combos for you to lust after.

Brownie, caramel, and Reece’s pieces ice cream cake
Oreo cake. Literally bury me with this.
Kinder cake – eggcellent
Ferrero goodness

Failsafe baking tip:

Get someone else to do it. Look what can go wrong!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 5.21.22 pm

For more cake-tastrophes, check out this article.

CanYa Cakes

If you’re in Darwin, book Cassie’s cheesecakes and cakes today.

To see more of her scrumptious cakes, check out her Facebook page.



Meet the CanYa team

By now you know what CanYa is, how you can use it and why it’s the bomb! So how about meeting some of the people who have helped bring CanYa to life.

Hello my name is….


CanYa has a strong team behind it; this is Kyle the Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Name: Kyle

Which state do you live in: New South Wales

What do you do at CanYa? I am the Chief of Operations (COO). On top of the standard duties that come with the COO title, I coordinate the various teams (including our blog, Facebook/Social Media teams and customer service teams).

Fun CanYa fact: I have been working with CanYa for over a year, and still haven’t met (face-to-face) many of the people I work with on a daily basis. As a tech company, we are always working together collaboratively in our virtual workplace through various channels (email, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc). I see this as a huge testament to the people behind CanYa, as we’re all striving together for the same thing (the best app for our customers), from all corners of Australia.


CanYa has a huge marketing team that is headed up by Chris

Name: Chris

Which state do you live in: New South Wales

What do you do at CanYa? Chief Marketing Officer. I head up our awesome marketing team to help as many people find out about CanYa. I’m also responsible for the strategic guidance of our national marketing strategy.

Fun CanYa story: I absolutely love that we have have a crocodile handler in Darwin. It’s so Australian – which is what CanYa is all about. We love that we can connect providers of all shapes, sizes and expertise to their customers.



Steve helps us with all our technical needs. He is part of the CanYa tech team

Name: Steve

Where in the world are you from? The Nation’s Capital (ACT)

What do you do at CanYa? I manage the CanYa website and all technical things related to our web presence. I also like to give my 5 cents worth on our strategy (whether wanted or not!).

Fun CanYa story: This may sound biased, but every time someone I know uses they app, they say something along the lines of: ‘Dude – this is awesome. How come you guys didn’t come up with this sooner?’ Which I have to say is a pretty great reaction!

Steph is CanYa's online content and social media manager. She helps us create the face of the company

Name: Steph

Which state do you live in: The Wild-Wild West (Western Australia).

What do you do at CanYa? I work on our Instagram account (if you’re a provider reading this feel free send me message with pictures of your completed tasks for a feature!). I also coordinate our ‘Provider of the week’ program, which highlights our awesome providers.


Jake is our customer service agent that you will have the pleasure of dealing with if you contact CanYa Support.

Name: Jake

What state do you live in? South Australia (currently in Florida).

What do you do at CanYa? I am CanYa’s Regional Manager. I’m in charge of coming up with ideas, managing events (i.e. our Adelaide launch party – woo! ), and promoting the app in Adelaide.

How do you the CanYa app? Lucky for me, CanYa has launched and is now well established in Adelaide. I have used the app to book cleaners, photographers and even managed to arrange for my computer to be fixed on a Sunday (which would otherwise be virtually impossible!).

Fun CanYa story: I always have a great experience meeting our providers, but one particular experience stands out for me. As part of our Adelaide launch, we invited our first signed up providers to come along to our launch party. I met Matt, a recently migrated man from Iran, who had signed up to CanYa within the first few weeks of arriving in Australia. Since then, he had been booked for a handful of jobs. I think this is a perfect example of how CanYa can help an individual with a skill find work independently.

Thanks for being part of the CanYa community!

If you aren’t onboard yet, download CanYa – Australia’s best way to hire local service providers.

CanYa is available on iOS and Android, it is the easiest way to hire local service providers near you

How CanYa is super excellent for service providers

Out with the Old School….

Tradies – Tutors – Babysitters – Cleaners – Gardeners – Handymen of the world.

The pain is over!

Here is how a home service providers used to get work and do jobs:


  • Pay for Google AdWords, Yellow Pages, website hosting fees
  • Expensive lead-fees from other home-improvement apps (average subscription cost is $300/year plus pay-per-quote fees!), often with nothing to show for it.

Problems: Nobody knows how great you are. You do quality work and want to be paid your normal rate. Other job apps make you compete with other providers in a race to the bottom. Advertising yourself is expensive and time consuming.

CanYa makes looking for work really easy. Search in Darwin, Adelaide or Melbourne and you will find CanYa is the best way for more work


  • You receive phone calls whilst working,
  • Quoting is guess work based on a phone call; not enough information to give accurate quotes. The alternative is time out to organise a house visit.

Problems: Quoting wastes a lot of time you could be working. You waste a lot of time quoting people who don’t want to pay your fair prices or who cannot schedule a mutual time.


  • You spend evenings invoicing with Xero or MYOB.
  • Chasing up payments is a pain.
  • Quarterly GST figures. Ugh, get a calculator, notepad & pen.
CanYa makes invoicing and GST BAS statements really easy. Enhance.
Invoicing… somebody automate it PLEASE!

CanYa to the rescue

So we all know that the old process is fragmenteddisjointed and overall, just broken! Welcome to the 21st century!

The old job booking process is broken and expensive. The new CanYa experience is easy, clean and intuitive

Creating a CanYa Profile:

OK let’s dive straight in. Creating a profile is super easy; and FREE:

Creating a provider profile with CanYa is free

You can add your qualifications, prices (callout, fixed-rate, hourly rate), photo’s and more.

You can add multiple categories, with unique descriptions and images in each category! Set which categories you want to quote, and which can be instant-book. For big jobs, optionally set a 20% cancellation fee if the client cancels within a specified window.

Let’s set availability:

Setting your availability with CanYa allows you to indicated when you want to work. You will not be bothered outside of these times

And blank out next Tue-Thu when on another job:

The CanYa Calendar is a free tool to sort out your local business.

Now sit back and wait for job requests… 🍹

I get an SMS from CanYa: “New Quote Request”.
Somebody has already read my profile, prices and availability.
This won’t be a time waster:

The CanYa Job requests has all the information that you would require to quote on a job

Excellent – that’s everything I need to to give an accurate quote.

Quoting is free with CanYa; very easy to get all the information you need and to quote on the spot.

Excellent: the client accepted. I can use the calendar and in-built map with driving directions to find my way.

Finding your way to the job is usually difficult, just use CanYa's in-built driving directions to the job

If I need to talk to the client, I use the in-built messaging or calling:

In-app messaging is simple with CanYa because it is all integrated into the job, no lost information.


⛏️ I do the job  ⛏️

The job is done, now immediately send the client an invoice to pay:

Invoicing is easy with CanYa because it is automated and mutually agreed.

The client pays me on the spot, and CanYa immediately credits my balance.
After the card payment has cleared, I can transfer it directly to my bank.

CanYa Account shows you all of your transactions and allows you to be paid with the tap of a button.

CanYa deducts a transactional fee for its services, only if the job is completed and you are paid. Everything else in the platform is completely free!

And at the end of the Quarter, CanYa provides a breakdown of what to write on the Quarterly BAS:


It’s insanely easy, flexible and very low transaction fees. You have literally nothing to lose by downloading CanYa, creating a profile and waiting for bookings.

Download Australia’s best way to hire local service providers today, register and create a free profile !!

CanYa is available on iOS and Android, it is the easiest way to hire local service providers near you

CanYa Web-App – the platform you have been waiting for

In our recent blog post we chatted about some cool features the team is implementing for the mobile app and briefly mentioned our web-app. Now is the time to tell you a bit more about it!
Our web-app is going to be AWESOME! When we sat down to figure out how to do it, we decided on three principles:
1. It must be beautiful ☑
2. It must be super easy to use ☑
3. It must highlight our providers in the best possible way ☑
We took a look at all the cool features in our mobile app and brought them over to the web-app. Little things like having “z-direction” and content panes are all subtle cues to make the interface feel familiar and app-like.
It took us about 3 months to finally finish the initial design of the web-app and get it drafted. Safe to say we are very impressed! We are introducing some novel design features we think you are going to love!

Colour Palette & Design Elements

We have kept to our signature ocean colours and also introduced soft blue colours to backdrop content and green highlights to emphasise important information. We are using our orange colour to accentuate important buttons and text.
The result is a refreshingly cool design interface that conveys trust and stability.
Our colour scheme isn’t an accident, it has been designed to look beautiful!
We used dropshadows with heavy blurring widely across the interface to add a “z-direction” (depth) to reinforce a very “touchable” interface.
Check out one of our breadcrumbs:
Doesn’t it make you want to just click it?!
We also used rounded rectangles everywhere to help keep the design smooth and fresh.
Check out our chat pane:
Clean and crisp chat pane
It looks exactly like a mobile app screen – familiar and easy to use!

Home Page – Categories

This page quickly and intuitively shows you all the local services around you. No ads, no distracting banners. Just the content you need! We think you will love our “pop” feature when you hover over the panes!
The brand new CanYa Web-App, it is so easy to use!

Provider View 

Viewing local, verified Providers has never been easier
Here you can see all the relevant content about the provider, with a lot of negative space and light colours. We add the important features on the side – like chat and calendar!
And the most important button ‘make a job enquiry” is right in the centre!


CanYa is all about having the best experience in hiring local services, so we spent a lot of time designing the best possible booking tab.
Check it out!
Find, Book, Pay & Review with ease
You can see here that we have kept all the information on a central screen, with a chat pane on the right. We also borrowed UI elements from the mobile app, such as the status indicator – showing you exactly what is happening with the job at all times!
We think you are going to love using the web-app and we are excited to announce that it will be live by early July! We will keep you updated. If you would like to help the CanYa team test it, just send us a message and we’ll invite you to the beta test!

Updates to Pricing Policy

We’re also excited to announce that CanYa is completely free for users! We’re trying to create the best possible experience for our users and this was an easy decision for us. For more info on our generous pricing policy, check out our Help Centre.

Everything you need to know about your air-con

Air-Con Basics

Air-conditioners are a must have in Australian summers, but what about winter? Getting to understand the basics of your air-conditioner will help answer this question.

A detailed account of air-conditioning can be found at this helpful link. If you are like me and fell asleep in the first paragraph of the explanation, I will break it down even more.

Basically, an air-con transfers heat from one area to another area (this is usually transferring heat from the inside of your house to the outside).

The transferring of heat is accomplished through some very handy chemical reactions and thermodynamics (let’s refer to this as ‘magic). Just imagine:

  1. Hot air goes in
  2. Magic happens
  3. Cold air comes out (and even hotter air is vented elsewhere).
CanYa_Air-Con Operation Explained_Summer
Hot air in (red), magic occurs, cold air out (blue)


Ok, the basics of the traditional air-con makes a bit more sense, but what about using an air-conditioner to make a room warm? This is the biggest misconception with air-conditioners, they can and should be used this winter to keep your house warm. The basics are the same, just think of it as the air-con trying to cool the world and therefore venting the warm air into your house.

CanYa_Air-Con_How it works_Summer VS Winter
Don’t give up on your air-con this winter, it will still keep you comfortable


The air-con that you grew up with and imagine propped up in your window is a thing of the past. Now-a-days you can expect either split or ducted air-conditioning.

Split air-conditioning

The split air-conditioner is the most common type of air-con in Australia. Basically you expect to see this nice and neat air-con on the wall:

CanYa_Split Air-con
Looks familiar right? The split air-con is the most common in Australia.

This is the part of the system the takes the hot air in and blows the cold air out. The ‘magic‘ occurs outside where you don’t see or hear it.

Ducted air-conditioning

Ducted air-conditioning is similar to a split system, in that the ‘magic‘ part of the process occurs outside the house. The main difference is that the ‘conditioned air‘ is pumped through the entire house and vented into all of the rooms. Some more detailed explanation on ducted air-conditioners can be found here.

You have probably also heard of ‘reverse cycle‘ air-conditioning; this is basically the option to reverse the process to warm the house in winter.

CanYa_Spilt VS Ducted Air-Con
Split VS Ducted air-conditioning

Getting either system installed is definitelyjob for the professionals. If you are a weekend-warrior, please stop here and find a professional air-conditioner installer! You need to ensure that you get a properly trained, licensed and insured air-conditioning installer.

Installation is a BIG job, get professional help!

You might be capable of installing your own air-conditioner but it is not actually legal for you to do it! You need a professional that is appropriately qualified, licensed and insured. But put the legal stuff aside, it is way easier for them to do it AND you will get a better product.

CanYa_Air-Con_Installation with AE Solutions
Neat and tidy handy-work from AE Solutions NT

Maintenance and Repair

The main draw-back to relying solely on your reverse cycle air-conditioner in winter is the energy bills. There is no real way to get around this except for using your air-con sparingly and in collaboration with your more energy efficient heating devices.

The silver lining of your air-conditioner not being used as heavily in winter is the opportunity to clean it!

“Why would I clean my air-conditioner? It seems clean enough.”

The disgusting truth is, you need to clean your air-conditioner! Don’t believe me?

CanYa_Air-Con_Why get your air-con cleaned?
The air that blows on you comes from here 😷

This level of mould and grime is not healthy for you or your family, so make sure you get it cleaned!

CanYa_Air-Con_Why you get your air-con cleaned
It looks clean on the outside but it is the filth on the inside that counts

How to Find Good Help

Fair to say that you now understand (or have been shocked into submission) that you NEED to get your air-conditioner maintained today! The process of find a qualified, trusted, verified, licensed and insured air-conditioning technician is daunting. Thankfully CanYa – Australia’s best way to hire local service providers, makes it super easy for you to get the help you need.

CanYa_AE Solutions NT_Logo
AE Solutions; CanYa’s Provider of the Week

For those in the CanYa Community that live in Darwin, you should check out our CanYa Provider of the Week; AE Solutions NT. Josh will be able to help you out with all of your air-conditioning needs (and much more). Check him out today!

CanYa_Air-Con_Comfortable inside
AE Solutions NT will take care of all your air-con needs so you can relax

New & exciting CanYa features as requested by our community

CanYa – ever evolving for our community

Everyone loves good ideas, but Australia’s best way to hire local services also loves implementing ideas! Here are some of the fantastic new features the CanYa Community have been asked for. We have been very busy developing these features and here is a sneak peek of what’s to come!

CanYa_Community_Feature Image-1200x628

Our app is only as good as the community that supports it!

Instant Book

Who wants to wait? You need a job done, you know who you want, you know what it will cost and you know when you want it… So why should you wait? We at CanYa believe you shouldn’t need to wait and we know providers will love getting INSTANTLY booked! So it’s coming.

finger click book now symbol
Don’t mess around if you already know who you want, Instant Book straight away!

Multi User Job

Ever needed a plumber to attend your apartment when you won’t be home, but your flatmate might be?

Wouldn’t it be handy for your flatmate to know all the details without you? Well we’ve decided to solve that issue. With Multi User Booking, you can simply add your flatmate to the job! They get to be privy to all the job details on their smartphone; making it that much easier to organise who is going to be home to let the plumber in…

Even more exciting about this feature – it will allow property managers to organise maintenance on rental properties and simultaneously share with both tenant and landlord – a great result for everyone involved in the job booking process.

multi-user chat
CanYa’s Multi-User Chat


Now we know everyone loves their mobiles and doing things on the go whilst you are on the train coming home from work. But we also love our laptops and having a nice big screen to see what you are doing. So we are giving YOU the option very soon – mobile or laptop – doesn’t matter! You will get to book what you want, when you want and how you want it.

CanYa_Web App_Sneak Peak
CanYa’s soon to be release Web App, it is SO good!

Can Ya Call? Yes you can!

Some of our users reported issues with the integrated calling technology (VOIP). We have listened to your feedback and decided we are going to take it a step further and let the CanYa Call convert into a 3G call when required. No more phone tag with your electrician, just call them directly on your own phone.

CanYa Call, soon available in-app or on your phone

Integrated invoicing and sharing features

Invoicing is important. Everyone needs the tax invoice so we are going to overhaul our current invoice and give you one good looking piece of paper (or email) which will be viewable in the app. To take it a step further, you can also choose to it to be emailed to you AND you will be able to share the invoice with others.

We will also go one step further for our providers using Xero (guess what, we at CanYa use Xero too) – we are going to match the invoice number to the bank payments so that when you get the emailed invoice, you will be able to send it to Xero and let it do all the accounting work for you. Eventually we hope to have integration with QuickBooks too!

CanYa will be making the book-keeping easier than ever!

PayPal integration

We all love PayPal and we know some of our users are waiting for this feature with breaths abated. So yes it’s coming! Sometimes the simplest of features requires a crazy amount of coding and innovative brainstorming behind the scenes…you should see our desks!

You want PayPal in CanYa, we are making it happen!

So what else do you guys need from CanYa?

Don’t let us run out of ways to make CanYa fantastic for YOU – we love to hear ideas and we love to put them into action. Shoot us an email and let us know how we can make your lives easier! If you don’t have CanYa yet, fear not, it is free to download (via this link), free to setup and free to get jobs done at your house today!