CanYa is going to revolutionise crypto adoption

2017 – Year of the ICO

2017 has so far been the year of the ICO with over $2.2 BILLION raised amongst 149 ICOs (at the time of writing). While this is great for crypto-coin investors and speculators; so many of these coins will never reach the mainstream adoption they proffer. The team at CanYa is acutely aware of this and have created a functional platform that will truly accelerate cryptocurrencies into every day use.

CanYa is a mature services app that is available on the internet via your laptop or on your Android and Apple iPhone.
The fully functional CanYa platform

There are currently three major factors inhibiting mainstream use and adoption:

  1. Price Volatility
  2. HODLing
  3. Ease of use

CanYa will address all three of these issues with it’s CAN token.


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Source: The Next Web

Any crypto currency investor knows the all too familiar emotional rollercoaster that comes with investing in tokens. Although it can be equally fun and terrifying, if you’re an investor it’s hardly sustainable; especially if you are to use these tokens for everyday goods and services. This is especially relevant for CanYa‘s service providers. A plumber or app designer may take weeks to complete a job which is long enough to have their payment worth half or less of what was originally agreed on.

The team have solved this with the ingenious ‘hedge contract‘. This contract is automatically generated and ensures an immutable value for the work performed by CanYa’s service providers.

The hedged escrow contract

CanYa provides a hedged escrow smart contract to ensure that both the user and provider get what they paid for

This is a fundamental shift for crypto currency platforms. There is now no risk of price fluctuation for customers or service providers. The CAN token now gives all the benefits of a crypto token (instant payment, security, no fees) while avoiding one of the most fundamental flaws; volatility!


If you haven’t read this now famous and hilarious post from GameKyuubi back in 2013 then you probably should (BTW if he did HODL he’s probably rich now). Although this phenomenon can’t be attributed solely to him it surmises a market psychology that further inhibits mainstream adoption of crypto currencies.

HODLers are so worried about missing out on potential gains that they are unwilling to spend their tokens. Tokens are now more instruments of speculation than utility. William Mougayer wrote about this HODL phenomenon recently.

CanYa will also alleviate this issue. Although the team is confident that the CAN token will be in constant demand though both our hedged escrow contract and our asset contract, More detail. The platform also encourages the use of it’s tokens and other cryptocurrencies in general. It does this through a number of measures; CanYa providers pay CAN tokens to promote their profile and also pay 1% on all transactions. These tokens go to the asset contract. The asset contract then disseminates these tokens to the CanYa platform and users via:

  • Referral rewards
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Transaction cash backs
  • Referral based commission payments

You can read more about each of these in the CanYaCoin whitepaper. However, they all reward users with CAN tokens through activity in the app. This reduces the incentive to HODL over using the tokens for what they were meant for; paying for the best service providers to complete any job, anywhere in the world.

Ease of Use

Unfortunately signs such as the one above are few and far between. For the average person it is much harder to pay for everyday goods and services with crypto currency than with traditional fiat. CanYa (with the help of the CanYaCoin) will change this!

CanYa will easily convert cryptocurrencies to the CAN token in-app. CAN tokens can then be used to pay for (or get paid for) any service, anywhere in the world. The CanYa team are also currently in talks with a number of future partners such that these tokens can then be used to pay for goods or services outside of those provided in CanYa (follow our partnership announcements on the CanYaCoin Telegram Channel).

CanYa is powered by the CanYaCoin and they are bridging the gap between the crypto-community and the general public
CanYaCoin makes cryptocurrency much more accessible to the general public

Think a crypto-based VISA credit card that is synced to your CanYa account. You can be paid for your services instantly and then spend those CAN tokens on anything you may choose to without ever having to convert or exchange any currencies.

This can all be done on a free to download app that has all of the following features:

  • Reviewed, information rich provider profiles
  • Multi-user job bookings
  • Easy to use UI/UX
  • Media rich in-app messaging
  • In-app calling
  • Free and instant quoting

To download CanYa for free today, just head to you app store and search “CanYa”.


By addressing these three key crypto currency shortfalls CanYa is a game changer for mass crypto adoption. To find out more about CanYa and it’s upcoming ICO head to to the CanYa Live ICO:

For all the latest news and updates follow us here:

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Melbourne; the wait is almost over!

CanYa launching in Melbourne very soon

CanYa; Australia’s best and most convenient way to hire local services
 is soon to be launching in our big city; Melbourne! The free to download app allows you to book in a service provider for just about any job or task you may need to be done.

Straight off the back other another successful launch (Adelaide), CanYa is coming to Melbourne!

It is quick and easy to use. No more endless searching for the best plasterer, gardener, babysitter and/or removalist because CanYa has it all under one app, and it’s launching in Melbourne!CanYa Phase - Blue

First of all, let me start off by expressing my undying love for Melbourne. We embrace innovation, excel in business and we’re home to the sporting capital of Australia.  I’ve lived here for the past year or so but I was originally an Adelaide boy.  The city is vibrant and full of wondrous culture and most importantly it presents massive opportunity for us hard workers.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.07.29 pm
Melbourne represents an opportunity for everyone!

Is it just me or do we Melbourne Hustlers seem to be working a lot harder for a lot longer?!

The seemingly endless search

I hate it when a job needs to be done and you are stuck without an easy option. The endless task begins of googling for the best service providers around.  You type in “the best cleaner” or the “cheapest plumber” and the search results come up with hundreds of different companies and services. None of these are peer-reviewed and they are all just competing against one another to get your attention.

My partner in crime is admittedly busier and a harder working than me so her time is even more limited (do not tell her I said that).  “I wonder what is the best and most convenient service around me to get this job done”. So 30 minutes has gone and I seem to be more confused. This was the struggle, until now.
Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 3.46.45 pm.png

So undoubtedly we are living through the biggest tech age of all time; surely there must be an app that does it all?

Thankfully there is an app that does it all, CanYa! CanYa is a one stop shop that allows you to Find, Book, Pay and Review local service providers.

The app is free to download and available on Android and iOS!


I must admit, the CanYa user experience is pretty darn cool! You have all these jobs around the house you need to get done but of course they all take TIME.

The reason why CanYa is so unique is you can get a CanYa provider to do ALL of these jobs for you. You can chat to your provider on CanYa chat (messaging or calling) before they even do the job. Once you’re happy you have the right provider, you can book your local service provider!

james_handyman_servicesThe most amazing part out all this is you can find a CanYa provider for practically any job that you want done. My personal favourite is the CanYa puppy walkers!

Previous CanYa Provider of the Week

CanYa represents change

I can honestly say CanYa represents change. The service is forming a revolution of opportunity for families and workers around Australia. It’s actually exciting to imagine what this game changing app is going to bring to our big city. Download the app today to join the  community of over 4000 users already!