CANTrack: Organised Freelancer Tool

CANTrack is time-tracking tool designed to help freelancers and businesses alike to manage tasks and report on jobs to be completed.  It functions as both an organisational tool, and a reference ledger to help co-ordinate parties in different time-zones.

How does it work exactly?

Like all CANApps, CANTrack is designed to be intuitively simple to use.  No logins, no downloads, no data capture.  You simply click ‘Add Task’ and it will prompt you to title your task.

Once you have named the task you will press the ‘play’ button which will start to time how long it takes to complete the task.  You can pause or stop this segment of work at any time.  When you do, you will be prompted to add and name another task.  This segment of work will be represented in a different colour so that you can easily discern how much time was spent on each respective task.


After you have completed your job you then click “Preview and Publish.”
The document will be published on the Ropsten network, which is an alternative Ethereum network which incurs no fees.  You will need to switch to this network in your Metamask account to access this network.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.09.45 pm.png

Once you have seen the summary of works completed and you are content with the accuracy of the document, you can submit your timesheet to the Ropsten network.  For your own due diligence, you can save a PDF version for recording keeping.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.06.13 pm.png

By clicking “publish” you will be taken to your Metamask screen to submit the smart contract to the blockchain.  As this is the Ropsten Network you can use “fake” ETH to power the contract.  After the transaction is verified, you will be taken to the screen that will have both a shareable link to the timesheet and a hash link to the Etherscan.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.07.22 pm.png

In note form

  1.  Simply Add and name a Task that you are doing.
  2.  Time the task by clicking the “play” button on the set assignment.
  3.  Add additional tasks until the work is complete.
  4.  Click “Preview and Publish” work.
  5.  Switch your Metamask to the “Ropsten Network.”
  6.  Review that work is accurate and then publish that work to the Ropsten Network.
  7.  Once that transaction is complete share the link to the document and save a PDF for your own record-keeping.


CANTrack is a piece of software that allows you to organise your day to the minute and is an essential tool for both sides of the freelancer economy.  The fact that it is both intuitive to use and produces immutable records of work completed means that it is a tool that will help avoid confusion and make record keeping effortless. Like all CANApps it does not require you to log in, enter data, or rely on central servers.  The data is contributed, stored and shared by the freelancer using the App.  Exactly as it should be.

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