CanYa Team Active in the USA!

CanYa Has Been Out and About in the USA

Throughout January the CanYa team has been very active! We have attended 3 of the  biggest Crypto Currency conferences in the USA! We have been out and about spreading the good news about CanYa, developing new partnerships and getting some awesome feedback about our action!

CanYa Brand refresh to keep in clean and crisp

First stop: Peer Summit, Powder Mountain, Utah

After being noticed during our epic ICO, CanYa was given an exclusive invitation to Peer Summit! Peer Summit is an invite-only weekend retreat for leaders, authors, change-makers, and blockchain founders to explore and shape the business and social impact of blockchain.

peer summit cryptocurrency
Peer Summit

On the mountain the team spent time with some of the biggest and brightest minds in cryptocurrency and further strengthened CanYa’s quality relationships in the decentralized industry. The program included discussions on important topics such as decentralised governance, equality in Blockchain companies, and how to best spread the incredible power of blockchain to the global community.

Using the CanYa roadmap, we shared our vision on how to use block chain to add value to marketplace users in the global economic ecosystem. We emphasised the importance of the CanYa community to our local ecosystem and showed how we were setting the standard for creating value for people using decentralised platforms.

Peer Summit, Powder Mountain, Cryptocurrency
Peer Summit, Powder Mountain

Next Stop: The World Crypto Economic Forum in San Fran, California!

2018 was the inaugural World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF) held in the blockchain heartland, San Francisco, USA. The conference was headed by crypto currency OG, Nick Szabo, so we knew the CanYa team we’re in good company.

World Cryptocurrency Economic Forum

The conference included important topics such as Decentralised Governance, Decentralised Economies, and radical value creation, which are all fundamental to CanYa’s vision of creating a completely decentralised Peer to Peer Marketplace of Services.

Whilst in San Fran the team met founders from influential blockchain companies such as Ripple, Civic and Orchid Labs. We were also fortunate enough to meet the team at Codex Protocol, who won the most innovative blockchain company during the pitch contest at the WCEF.

On top of all this CanYa was also able to find some new partners that can help accelerate the economic value to the CanYa marketplace. So Stay tuned!


The Bountysource team were also hard at work in the San Fran Bay Area. Bountysource is now powered by CanYa and has a community of over 46,000 open source developers, able to build and support the crypto currency ecosystem!


The team was out creating valuable relationships and interacting with local silicon valley based companies. These newly formed partnerships and close-bonds will help CanYa  to remain an important and influential brand in the crypto currency community.

Last Stop: The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida

The North American Bitcoin Conference is a huge conference dedicated to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and ICO’s. The biggest names in cryptocurrency all make the pilgrimage across the county for this event.

With fireside discussion and talks by Charlie Shrem and Brock Pierce, the event was a sell out. The conference played host to a tight-knit of quality networking groups and the CanYa team was right in the middle of it all.


The CanYa team also took the time to check in with many of CanYa’s world-class advisors who were attending the event. The team met with Taotao He (Co-Founder at Titan Digital Asset Group), TDLR Capital and our brand new advisor, Sebastian Quinn Watson.

Sebastian Quinn Watson

Whats Next?

After 3 weeks in the USA, the CanYa team was feeling super fortunate to be active within a very strong and supportive cryptocurrency community. The relationships and partnerships formed in the USA has been immensely valuable to CanYa. We have been able to create the bonds by which we can spread the word about the big future that CanYa has within the cryptocurrency community.

It’s clear that CanYa has a quality brand name around the world and has received multiple invitations to upcoming conferences and private functions. With newly formed partnerships and bonds, CanYa has grown yet again, helping it power its vision into the future.

So from the team, thanks for reading, and keep in touch! We couldn’t do it without you. Please leave your comments below.


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An Aussie take on experiencing Hurricane Irma

CanYa’s very own Jake Irvine has been living in Florida, U.S.A, where he recently experienced the force of Hurricane Irma. He has shared his experience. 

Hurricane Irma

This is a little different from our usual CanYa blogs. But, I thought I would share my recent brush with a Stage 5 hurricane. As a born and bred Aussie, up until recently a disaster of this nature was foreign to me.

Although I hadn’t experienced one, hurricanes actually do occur in Australia, we just call them cyclones. Our Asian friends also have their own name, referring to these natural disasters typhoons.

An accurate early prediction.

Should I stay, or should I go? 

The Governor for Florida called for a mandatory evacuation of certain regions, with the expressed intent of extending that to anyone who also felt unsafe in the coming weather. This included me, who was very happy to get up and get going.

Meanwhile, as the hurricane was due to hit my accommodation on a Saturday night, people continued to work up until Friday evening.

Doomsday prepping

In the lead up to the hurricane, people naturally went a little bit crazy trying to prepare for the worst.

The cue for some fuel stations went on seemingly forever, with some selling out of all non-perishables, water and somewhat unsurprisingly (and to my disappointment), alcohol!

Fuel itself was incredibly hard to find. I spoke to some people who even drove into the countryside to stock up. I saw my fair share of cars pulled over on the side of the road having run out of fuel.

The lines went on for hours, bowsers often running out of fuel while people were waiting.

Everything and the bathroom sink

People were tying down bins, covering pools and stocking up like mad. I even heard someone recommend to fill your sinks and bathtub with tap water as a last resort for drinking and flushing waste.

Be safe on the road

On the day I evacuated, the roads were absolutely packed. In the mad rush of leaving, people were driving erratically, trying to get as far away as quickly as possible. I passed half a dozen accidents along the way.

No room at the inn

I had got out of town, survived the crazy roads, and now I needed to find somewhere to stay. My first destination was Atlanta, and finding accommodation turned out to be a lot tougher than I had thought. Some people I spoke to had even booked their accommodation 5+ days in advance, just incase there was extenuating circumstances.

The aftermath

I have now returned to my apartment in Florida. Abandoned vehicles (some badly damaged) sitting on the side of the road seems commonplace. On the radio there have been warnings about looting and crime in the more severely affected areas, thankfully the worst has passed.

Here is what I have learned from this experience

I have at least picked up some tips – which I hope I won’t have to use:

  • Pre-emptively look at accommodation and how you are going to get there.
  • If you have the ability, leave early. The people who can’t leave early will be the ones congesting the roads behind of you.
  • Stock up. Fuel, water non-perishables, candles, torches, batteries, first aid equipment.
  • If you do get caught – seek shelter. Whether it be in your neighbour’s brick house or in an evacuation shelter at a stadium or a larger facility. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Once you are caught – do not risk safety. If that brand new Audi of yours gets swept up into a river, so be it.
Hurricanes are not to be trifled with.